Monday, 6 June 2016

Warhammer Quest: A new hero joins the fight!

Orcs orcs orcs orcs, orcs orcs orcs... Yup you guess it, here is my Warhammer quest "orruk savage Warboss" he's my dedicated offensive character when it comes to Warhammer quest. Recently I've been shading greens with a dark red wash and I think it seems to have come out very well!
This miniature was picked up years again while I was working at the Miniature Empire as I loved the model and it's a shame that only till now I have had the chance to give him some paint. 

Stat wise, he really lays on the hurt! 

I have to be vague about the stats and so he has as I don't want the GW lawsuit up my arse, but his shoulder charge ability is very brutal! But it shows since he has like no armour save and low agility. But his weapons REALLY hit hard!

Now I hinted at my next character in a previous post, having his stat card been included in the box already and being of my favoured khorne deity, I went with the Slaughter Priest as my support character! 
I loved the idea of having to kill something first in order to heal team mates and really suits my gung-ho attitude towards gaming! Hit shit with my axe then ask questions later!  I do like how GW kept the fluff of him having to kill someone and use blood sacrifices as a method to heal! I'm looking forward to using him in future games. 

Stat wise he is a little on the chancey side. Like my Orc Warboss, if he hits, he's nasty, and that's a big IF. 

Although it seems like I'll only get to play this once a month, having these miniatures painted is reward enough and one day, I hope for these to be placed in a display cabinet of some sorts. 

On a side note, I have these mounted on 40mm lipped bases instead of 40mm round. I find the lipped base look a lot more complete in comparison, specially when it comes to individual characters. I'm not sure if the other feel the same way but I like the added extra touch I believe. So let me know how you feel on the round vs lipped bases debate!


  1. They look brilliant. Are they making an appearance on the 16th?

    I agree with you. It has to be lipped bases, they just complete a miniature.

  2. Look great mate.. Yeah after looking at the lipped bases do look better.