Monday, 6 June 2016

Warhammer Quest: A new hero joins the fight!

Orcs orcs orcs orcs, orcs orcs orcs... Yup you guess it, here is my Warhammer quest "orruk savage Warboss" he's my dedicated offensive character when it comes to Warhammer quest. Recently I've been shading greens with a dark red wash and I think it seems to have come out very well!
This miniature was picked up years again while I was working at the Miniature Empire as I loved the model and it's a shame that only till now I have had the chance to give him some paint. 

Stat wise, he really lays on the hurt! 

I have to be vague about the stats and so he has as I don't want the GW lawsuit up my arse, but his shoulder charge ability is very brutal! But it shows since he has like no armour save and low agility. But his weapons REALLY hit hard!

Now I hinted at my next character in a previous post, having his stat card been included in the box already and being of my favoured khorne deity, I went with the Slaughter Priest as my support character! 
I loved the idea of having to kill something first in order to heal team mates and really suits my gung-ho attitude towards gaming! Hit shit with my axe then ask questions later!  I do like how GW kept the fluff of him having to kill someone and use blood sacrifices as a method to heal! I'm looking forward to using him in future games. 

Stat wise he is a little on the chancey side. Like my Orc Warboss, if he hits, he's nasty, and that's a big IF. 

Although it seems like I'll only get to play this once a month, having these miniatures painted is reward enough and one day, I hope for these to be placed in a display cabinet of some sorts. 

On a side note, I have these mounted on 40mm lipped bases instead of 40mm round. I find the lipped base look a lot more complete in comparison, specially when it comes to individual characters. I'm not sure if the other feel the same way but I like the added extra touch I believe. So let me know how you feel on the round vs lipped bases debate!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Scibor Dwarf Sniper

After I had some recover time of the manual slave labour Riot had exposed me too, I turned towards his latest commission work. 

This Scibor dwarf sculpt was a real treat to work with, even with the silly amounts of flash around the model! It took me an entire night to just clear all the mold lines!  Since I knew this was going towards a birthday present, I thought some extra special attention should be brought to this miniature! 

The first process was the assembly, I pinned both miniatures to cork bases first so it'll be easier to work with at the beginning, nothing worse than having to paint around and subsequently ruining your paint quality! I knew all these champagne and wine corks would come in handy one day!  I used zenithal highlighting (black spray base coat with a light white spray on top) to really pick out the details and ridges along the miniature. Lastly, the flesh was painted in a pale stone colour and a warm flesh wash used to give it some life. Subsequent highlights helped bring out the muscle(?!) by using a 5 stage flesh highlight. 

The next morning I set about doing the cloak and leather pants around the miniature. I did end up spending a lot more time on these as I do normally, as I wanted these colours to look natural instead of the usual high contrast look I paint with. With my other job calling me, a good 3 hour break away fro painting really allowed me to come back to the miniature refreshed! So after a light dinner, and a cider, the painting resumed! First off was to finish the leathers, bag and holsters, and then complete his facial hair! To be honest it was long till everything was completed, and it was a real joy in blend highlighting on a fine piece. When you paint something you really enjoy, it's very easy to forget you've been painting for 20+ hours! 

The base itself was fair simple, but hard to really stand out. After another zenithal spray, good old thinned Agrax EarthShade gave the stone rocks the dirty look. A covering of Athonian Camoshade over in select recesses made sure to age the base with out hampering the identity. 
All that remained was to highlight the rock in a pale bone colour, paint the greenery and paint the rim. 

And there you have it, it's 3am, I've finished up this miniature and glued him onto the base. In the morning light I'll give him another highlight all round, satin then Matt varnish; but for now, I believe him to already have bags of personality and hopefully Riot and his brother will be happy the work 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Running with it: One man's inability to escape the clutches of Games Workshop: Warhammer Quest App

Ok they got me, I admit it, after the shambles of being force fed Age of Sogmar, and my denouncing of Warhammer 40k, Games Workshop have pulled me right back in with Warhammer Quest!

If you haven't seen our 24 hour painting endeavours, please check them here,

Well I wasn't too sure at the time, if it was the third can of Relentless or the 8th Spider Goblin I had to paint, but Riot and I came up with the idea of buying into Age of Sigmar and keeping a strict Khorne vs Tzeentch flavour going... 
If people know me at all, they know I have a complete distaste for AoS. It isn't the rule set, it was the destruction of one of the most beautifully crafted games and being forced fed "checkers for grown up" afterwards. People also know, I have a fondness for anything Khornate and red... So I have been looking at theKhorne  Bloodbound over the last few months and I can't deny the miniatures are beautiful. 

Anyway, as we came to grips with Warhammer Quest, my gamer nerd inside of me really wanted to invest SOMETHING into this game and saw you could play a Khornate Slaughterpriest! I thought at the time, that was an amazing concept, who better than an ace wielding maniac to rampage through a tower of scummy sorcerers! 

Which led me to the main point of this blog, the discovery of the Warhammer Quest App!

Games workshop are innovating! It's an amazing small app which helps track your characters progress and gives you access to more options. Meaning, that Savage Orc Warboss I bought last year will now have a place!

Of course, nothing comes free, including GamesWorkshop stuff! So while the main box contents are free, you do have to pay for each aditional hero you want to unlock. There is 37 more available Herod with 9 more Skill and Treasure cards. If bought separately, it's comes up to around £38 so the mega bundle for £19.99 is a no brainier. 

Unfortunately, I don't have £20 spare so I only bought another hero for now, but I'll hopefully have him ready for the next adventure in the Silver Tower!

I'll leave you with a taster of what's to come. 

*intentionally blurry*

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

Here are the progress pictures of my last 24 hours in painting hell!

I joke, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I'd do it again for a game like Warhammer Quest. 

Apart from painting bases properly, we managed to get a lot done! And even squeezed a few small games in.

The game plays very simply, for those who are familiar to the Dead of Winter board game, it will come very easily to you. 

For a more up to date account of our painting exploits, please find the full report here.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Warhammer Quest!

Look what we have early! 

Our madness of a 24hour painting binge begins!

Check it the progress here!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Warhammer Fantasy January Update

If some people remember, this time last year I was gearing up for the new WarmaHorde competitive year, and what a year it was! Managed to get some top 10 places and I felt like I had a strong Everblight game along with some decent Thornfall experience. 

Fast forward to 2016, and I'm looking at more of a Warhammer Fantasy feel, and within a month, I think I've had more games of Fantasy than the last 3 years combined!

We started out with a brand new Fantasy Campaign. Having got a few people newly into the game, we felt that a campaign narrative would be best to help the game flow and for people to learn the rules!  It's a great hit, and RiotvilleonFire has a more comprehensive overview of the events!
True to Wargaming JuJu, my newly painted Skink Chief hero, Ixhua-Ekko, gets absolutely destroyed in every game... And has yet to finish a game still alive! 

With the addition of a new housemate to the household, we crack out Triumph and Treachery. This multiplayer format of fantasy has JUST the right mix of dickery and fuckery to keep Warhammer Fantasy gentlemanly! But the addition of the treachery cards really makes the game of alliances important! Luckily I had home advantage and I managed to keep bringing cups of tea to help "butter up" my "allies"!

January also saw myself really get back into painting. The Flamespyre Phoenix is the first miniature I bought after a 6 year break from gaming 3 years ago. Since then, it's been sitting patiently in the garage for a chance to be played. Triumph and Treachery allows me to take it as a mercenary for my Lizardman! My beautiful Phoenix finally gets an opportunity to take flight! The first photo above is how he looked after coming out of a dust covered hiatus, and the immediate above is the newer touch up paint job I've given him! He still needs a little more work, but I'm very please in how he's turning out.  I've decided that he needs a high elf army to accompany him, and so 2016 will be the year I enter a High Elf army into Armies on Parade!

I've decided to take a real amount of care into my High Elf army, I've even given the Phoenix a Koi Fish buddy! But I'm really enjoying spending my time painting some miniatures and spending time in given them the proper detail that lets the minaitures really stand out. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Starting As I Mean to Continue! DINOSAWWWWS

So, as my resurgence into Warhammer Fantasy continues, I'm tasked with teaching others the art of the Gentleman's Game. Having seen my  Lizardmen army grow, Neil from @EssexLegion borrows an army and is eager to learn the rules! Following suit, is a whole line of people waiting to get their plastic Fantasy crack fix! I think we may have kick started a renaissance into Warhammer Fantasy, and I'm going to have to teach them.... After I remember half the rules myself!