Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Scibor Dwarf Sniper

After I had some recover time of the manual slave labour Riot had exposed me too, I turned towards his latest commission work. 

This Scibor dwarf sculpt was a real treat to work with, even with the silly amounts of flash around the model! It took me an entire night to just clear all the mold lines!  Since I knew this was going towards a birthday present, I thought some extra special attention should be brought to this miniature! 

The first process was the assembly, I pinned both miniatures to cork bases first so it'll be easier to work with at the beginning, nothing worse than having to paint around and subsequently ruining your paint quality! I knew all these champagne and wine corks would come in handy one day!  I used zenithal highlighting (black spray base coat with a light white spray on top) to really pick out the details and ridges along the miniature. Lastly, the flesh was painted in a pale stone colour and a warm flesh wash used to give it some life. Subsequent highlights helped bring out the muscle(?!) by using a 5 stage flesh highlight. 

The next morning I set about doing the cloak and leather pants around the miniature. I did end up spending a lot more time on these as I do normally, as I wanted these colours to look natural instead of the usual high contrast look I paint with. With my other job calling me, a good 3 hour break away fro painting really allowed me to come back to the miniature refreshed! So after a light dinner, and a cider, the painting resumed! First off was to finish the leathers, bag and holsters, and then complete his facial hair! To be honest it was long till everything was completed, and it was a real joy in blend highlighting on a fine piece. When you paint something you really enjoy, it's very easy to forget you've been painting for 20+ hours! 

The base itself was fair simple, but hard to really stand out. After another zenithal spray, good old thinned Agrax EarthShade gave the stone rocks the dirty look. A covering of Athonian Camoshade over in select recesses made sure to age the base with out hampering the identity. 
All that remained was to highlight the rock in a pale bone colour, paint the greenery and paint the rim. 

And there you have it, it's 3am, I've finished up this miniature and glued him onto the base. In the morning light I'll give him another highlight all round, satin then Matt varnish; but for now, I believe him to already have bags of personality and hopefully Riot and his brother will be happy the work 


  1. Nice work. I always find it difficult to get a good result with flesh colours and can never do eyes properly but you seem to always get a good result.

  2. Brother is very excited about getting his hands on this miniature!