Monday, 18 June 2018

A Week in Winions -2-

Another week and another week of building and refining my Minions lists for the upcoming Summer Series of Steamrollers.  The lists remain unchanged in general and this week had some tough opponents!

Game 1: Maelok vs Skarre3 (Banes Banes more Banes) : Scenario Win

Turn 1 on both sides was pretty standard with running into position.  Maelok won the roll to go first which is a massive advantage against a Bane list where we both share the same threat ranges.

Going into turn 2, the Husks who had taken up residence behind the central forest ran to engage the front line.  On the left, and middle, they ran hand in hand with Croak Raiders to stop the Banes from just charging/advancing past the Husks since they have Ghostly.  The idea here is to pen in the Banes near their flag and stop them getting into the zone as much as possible, and also, to allow the Posse the turn after to surround the flag to stop Skarre from scoring.  A Boneswarm with Swarm charged in too.  Reason being, if Skarre wanted to come forward to try shoot the models behind the frontline, she'll be in Swarm range with an effective -2 to Hit and with the Posse under Dirge of Mists, making them Def16.   On the right, a single Husk who had been camped out behind the wall ran to a position where if he died, the resulting AoE hazard would scupper a lot of Bane movement.  On the right, i knew i had to sacrifice Posse as i didn't have the same resources as the left.  The first row were established to again try crowd out the zone, with the back rank set up behind the wall for protection and in range to just be able to walk over and hit Banes without the need to charge.

Monday, 11 June 2018

A Week in Winions -1-

So while the title says a week, i've actually had multiple games since my last blog post.  A lot of the games are with people who were practising for certain tournaments like the Welsh Nationals and decided not to blog a lot of the games to protect certain list secret tech etc.  Or so I use the excuse, truth be told, I've just been way too busy.  Anyway, to the games I've had most recently.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Warmachine and Hordes: Brighton Steamroller Part 2

Okay so buckle in people, because part two is where the Posse train starts to speed up!

Game 3 - Maelok vs Siege2 (Silverline Stormguard and Storm Lances in Storm Division)

Going into game three against Cygnar,  the pairing was the dreaded Hayley3 Trenchers and Siege2.  My Rask list was pretty heavily tech'd for Hayley3 and i've previously played Maelok into Hayley3 before so i'm confident in my ability to out attrition her.  Having seen the amount of infantry in his second list, and the absence of Nemo3, i'm more confident in Maelok and let's just play this out.  To my surprise, he dropped Siege2... and in came a whole new problem I haven't faced before.

Having lost the roll to go first, i decided I was not going to have anything to do with that huge ass forest in the middle of the deployment zone so chose the cover of a trench and clouds instead.  He deployed symmetrically at first, which forced me to pretty much do the same, if anything, i had to slightly skew to the right hand side due to the house in the way.  I was banking on the StormLances going towards my right to make a bigger push towards my flag.  The general game plan was to identify which zone was the easiest to overwhelm, take it, and grind out a scenario win.  Red arrows showing the Husks running route, blue arrow showing the Storm Lances redeployment route turn 1 (against what i hoped) and the Green Arrows showing my armies general movement.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Warmachine and Hordes: Brighton Steamroller Part 1

Another week and another Steamroller!

Brighton is a great place to play a Steamroller tournament, the community is great, the venue is great and the games are always fun!  So, if anyone from Brighton is reading this, big shout out to you guys!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

WarmaHordes: Milton Keynes Steamroller

With Warmachine and Hordes seeing a resurgence in competitive play here in the UK, more and more tournaments are being announced and run across the country.  In the South of England, i'm lucky to have 3/4 metas within 1 or 2 hours travelling times so i'm really spoilt for choice for tournaments!

Any for the lists!  Maelok is a caster i've been working with for the last couple of months since the Blindwater update came out.  It has gone through various iterations including, Bone Shrines, Blind Walkers and the works, but once the Gatorman Husks became available,  oh boy, they REALLY ramp up Maelok's game.  Arkadius is my classic "pop my load turn 2" then i've either won, or shake hands because i'm not winning!  In all honesty, Arkadius is just a comfort Warlock that i've had the most experience with over the 3 years i've been playing Minions.  Also, excuse the ratchet SR sheet.  My parents recently moved to Milton Keyes so this was an opportunity to visit my 3,5 and 7 year old siblings who subsequently though my SR sheets was spare paper!