Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Little_Lano Tutorial: Alien Themed Paint Job

Having posted some photos amongst the Ethernet, I have been asked by those amongst the Tyranid Facebook page for a "How to" on my Alien inspired painting.

It's actually fairly easy, and can be done in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Base coat in Tamiya Black Vinyl Paint

Don't worry, if you don't have access to Tamiya Black, it's fairly pricey pot of paint. I detail below a way around it! 

Tamiya do this acrylic shiny glossy stuff which dries shiny. Like below...

Step 2: Drybrush LeadBelcher/ Necron Compound

Don't do it too heavily, you really want the black to stand out.

Step 3: Pick out the talons in thinned out red.
Remember, afterwards, go back over the red with 'Ard Coat. Gives it the shiny gloss finish 

Afterwards, I go back over in the Tamiya Black in places where I want the the pitch black to really hide areas. That way it gives the perspective that they are jumping from the darkness!

Also, Nurgle Rot technical paint from GW does a wonderful job for slime! I applied it to the tongue and some joints to mix up the colours a bit! 

This is the end result of the Tamiya Black base.

So, what if you don't have access to Tamiya Black, well, instead of using Tamiya Black, the answer is to replace Step 1 with a base coat of normal Black. 
Then afterwards, just apply the 'Ard Coat to the whole model! 

Here is how it looks, 

Be careful though, too much and it won't dry properly leaving you with foggy layers on your models. 

There you have it! 

Also, obviously, base your model as you wish. 

Merry Christmas All!! 
I will blog up tomorrow for a Christmas special!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Little_Lano Paints: Warhammer 40k Tyranids: Deathstorm

So, with my two week break, I am finally able to get back to painting miniatures. 

Exam season at university meant that all gaming and painting had been on back burners. But it didn't stop me from picking up some miniatures, specially the ones from the relatively new box sets!

So, out from my insane mind of exam periods, I came to the conclusion that I needed Alien themed tyranids and "MechaNidz". I managed to get some of the alien tyranids painted earlier today so have some photo porn!

"The Beast of Phodia"

Alt shot

The Spawn of Cryptus

Alt shot

Let's just hope they do well on the table top!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Little_Lano Plays: Warmahordes 35pts Part 2

So... The scene was set, Anthony rode in on his mighty steel horse, I think he referred to it as a "bicycle"... I stared him down... Both silent, as he brought out his box of trolls... After a deathly stare, he opened his mouth... And said....

"I'm kinda hungry from work, wanna order pizza?"

Another night of WarmaHordes, Tea and Pizza!!!

Here is how the table played out, elevation on both sides, the mission was simple, Central zone and two flags for either side.

Anthony brought a similar army to what he brought last time, although he had brought Hoarlock instead this time!

My general idea was to hold my own with Carver, push into the zone with an alpha strike, use the Brigands for shields, and send Rorsh and Brine as flankers to take the enemy objective.

Deployment was straight forward, in going to try push hard to the right, using the Brigands and anchors and Warbeasts to punch through.  

After turn one movement, everything does there mandatory running!

Rorsh and brine *ahem* I mean, Batman and Robin, race around the flank getting ready to attack from un expecting angles!
So it begins, my Warhog charges Lug... And with a great swing of his huge Axe...

Misses all the time and deals a measly 9 damage... Stupid pigs...

Robin does the same... Batman looking on and thinking, what a twat...

Making matters worse, the Burrowers come up and let loose on my Brigands, I haven't dug in either and the subsequent shots blow though me! I'm looking control of the left flank!
To our surprise, my ONE Brigand toughs 4 rolls and defiantly doesn't go down!

Meanwhile, on the right, with the Warhog missing and floundering like a wet fish... The Brigands watch as Lug bends him over and Cragback anally rapes him. To make matters worse, the Feralgeist which I learnt him takes over, and turns around to slap two of my own infantry!
Reinforcements arrive in the form of Spicy Beef and Extra Cheese, with a little slop, the Pigs are rejuvenated and ready to go! 

After popping my feat, the pigs get stuck in... I miss pretty much all my Attacks again... Leaving Lug on 2 HP, and Cragback on 1... Fuck the bear... 

Hulk Pig gets angry... And kills the Impaler only for the Feralgeist to take it over! I'm never going to capture this zone!

Photo porn...

Between Lug and an Inpaler and their undead counterparts, most of my Infantry are decimated!

All is nearly lost :(
My Left flank fails and Batman is left without Robin trying to hold the enemy flag. 

Having seen a gap, Carver goes after to vulnerable Hoarlock, but a little to no surprise, Carver slips and doesn't hit Hoarlock ... He does hit his second but rolls a Triple 1 on damage... What can you do..
Sometimes the dice gods just don't want to be your friend!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Little_Lano Plays: Warhammer 40k 5000pts Exhibition Game

I'm So the local gaming club had asked to run an exhibition game showing off 40k.

Since I had a vastly painted 40k army, I teamed up with another Tyranid Player for do a 5000pts Game.

The other side consisted of a lot of newer people to the hobby and loads of fortifications. 

Anyway, here is my photo porn of the game.

Tyranid Deployment

 The allied deploy into bunkers and fortification!

My army of red tyranids, trying to re create the Star Ship Troopers scene!

Some Orks prepare to hold the middle line. 

My allies of green tyranids
The swarm moved forward

 Man of the match, pops a Wave Serpent the first turn

The Tyranid Aerial Assault comes thick and fast.

A meteorite crashes and squishes a lot of the Tyranid infantry. 
A Trygon appears from behind the lines and starts to make its way through the impwrial guard infantryman 
Meanwhile, the Winged Tyrant starts to work its way through the second Ork line. 

The Eldar Wraith Guard stand tall and hold a line to cover their allies behind. 

After a couple of turns the tyranids have masses of infantry still making its way to the keep.
Lastly in the last turns, some Space Marine Terminators with their Chapter Master arrive, feeling brave, he takes a challenge from the Swarmlord, lol.

If anyone is interested, I game at Basildon Warboyz, Sunday evenings at 5-10pm. 
Check out the facebook group for more information :)