Saturday, 6 December 2014

Little_Lano Plays: Warmahordes 35pts Part 2

So... The scene was set, Anthony rode in on his mighty steel horse, I think he referred to it as a "bicycle"... I stared him down... Both silent, as he brought out his box of trolls... After a deathly stare, he opened his mouth... And said....

"I'm kinda hungry from work, wanna order pizza?"

Another night of WarmaHordes, Tea and Pizza!!!

Here is how the table played out, elevation on both sides, the mission was simple, Central zone and two flags for either side.

Anthony brought a similar army to what he brought last time, although he had brought Hoarlock instead this time!

My general idea was to hold my own with Carver, push into the zone with an alpha strike, use the Brigands for shields, and send Rorsh and Brine as flankers to take the enemy objective.

Deployment was straight forward, in going to try push hard to the right, using the Brigands and anchors and Warbeasts to punch through.  

After turn one movement, everything does there mandatory running!

Rorsh and brine *ahem* I mean, Batman and Robin, race around the flank getting ready to attack from un expecting angles!
So it begins, my Warhog charges Lug... And with a great swing of his huge Axe...

Misses all the time and deals a measly 9 damage... Stupid pigs...

Robin does the same... Batman looking on and thinking, what a twat...

Making matters worse, the Burrowers come up and let loose on my Brigands, I haven't dug in either and the subsequent shots blow though me! I'm looking control of the left flank!
To our surprise, my ONE Brigand toughs 4 rolls and defiantly doesn't go down!

Meanwhile, on the right, with the Warhog missing and floundering like a wet fish... The Brigands watch as Lug bends him over and Cragback anally rapes him. To make matters worse, the Feralgeist which I learnt him takes over, and turns around to slap two of my own infantry!
Reinforcements arrive in the form of Spicy Beef and Extra Cheese, with a little slop, the Pigs are rejuvenated and ready to go! 

After popping my feat, the pigs get stuck in... I miss pretty much all my Attacks again... Leaving Lug on 2 HP, and Cragback on 1... Fuck the bear... 

Hulk Pig gets angry... And kills the Impaler only for the Feralgeist to take it over! I'm never going to capture this zone!

Photo porn...

Between Lug and an Inpaler and their undead counterparts, most of my Infantry are decimated!

All is nearly lost :(
My Left flank fails and Batman is left without Robin trying to hold the enemy flag. 

Having seen a gap, Carver goes after to vulnerable Hoarlock, but a little to no surprise, Carver slips and doesn't hit Hoarlock ... He does hit his second but rolls a Triple 1 on damage... What can you do..
Sometimes the dice gods just don't want to be your friend!

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