Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Little_Lano Reviews: Ax Faction Miniatures- Viking on a Bear (?!)

"Ax Faction- a company with Vikings riding bears and Elves riding giant rabbits.  Creativity and passion fused effortlessly into a range of miniatures"

Early 2014, I saw a Facebook advert for a newish miniature company offering miniatures with a cool, dynamic mix to them. I saw females posing on top of giant heads, and elven Rangers riding on top of rabbits.
A little later in the year, I cursed myself for not making a note of the company as a few of their miniatures would have been perfect for a few systems I now play. 

Fast forward to Salute 2015, and I am happily reunited with the company, and to be pleasantly surprised with newer miniatures ranging from Badgers with Axes... HUGE Orc warlords and other premium quality sculpts.  I had to tear myself away not to walk away with a miniature as my spending for that day had already hit the dizzy heights.
Fast forward again by 5 minutes and my good friend from Gazette Games, Grant, meets up with my group and shortly gives me a proposal (ooooh errr *wink* *wink*).

He would like me to apply my painting Skills to a miniature from Ax Faction for his review website and as payment i get to keep the model.
Didn't need to think about it, I said deal and he gave me the miniature.
Considering I'm aiming to get myself aViking  Mordheim/Saga army... I was ecstatic with what I was given...

A Viking riding a mother fucking BEAR! 
My thoughts instantly turned to his Hordes counterpart Borka, a troll who also rides a bear into combat.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Little_Lano Reviews: Wargames Terrain Workshop Lizardmen Models

"Lizardmen miniatures from a company with as much fondness and love for them as I do.  Great casts from a company at a rock bottom price means you have to put a little work in tidying up the model but that shouldn't deter you from ordering from this amazing establishment"

Re-Inforcements for the E-Reptile Dysfunction team!!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Little_Lano Goes To: Salute 2015

So Salute 2015 has been and gone.

I've met some lovely people there, bought some great miniatures and have some great stuff to review.

This has definitely got to be the highlight for me, a massive Battle for Hoth game by the lads from Beast of War. 

In my haste of money spending and talking, I did forget to take more photos, but I am going to go through my miniatures as I plan to review the countless horde in front of me!

Some of the goodies...

And some more lizards for my ever growing blood bowl team!!

Keep tuned for some more miniature madness!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Little_Lano Paints: Warmachine- Raluk Moorclaw and Mercenary Heavy Warjack Kit

So during my 10 week of social deprivation, I got Raluk Moorclaw and a Heavy Warjack kit to go with him.  I fancied something a little different, and I love the look of the vibrant blues available for Trollbloods. Next thing I know, I'm researching ways to get a trollkin into my army and found Raluk works for Thornfall! 
I've assumed that winning with my beloved Farrow is difficult so getting a few models based on sheer look shouldn't effect the outcome anyway!

Say hello to Raluk! Well he is a Jack Marshal, and can repair any Warjack regardless of faction, but hell, I don't need to worry about that! 
I actually really like the model. His dynamic pose looks good and the detail surrounding his utility belt is sublime.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting this model.

Being a Jack Marshal, he obviously needs a buddy or two. Previously I've shown my buccaneer, well I've also got some bigger nutz available.

I magnetised the whole kit so I can pick what I need as of, and I was surprised at how easy it is to magnetise this kit together! 

The Nomad, 6pts of slappy slap slap, he'll be here to try tie up as much as possible with his reach weapon. 

If I'm willing to pay the two points extra, I can possible go for the Rover. Although lacking reach capability, he does have access to a range attack which would be useful considering Raluk's Drive allows him to shoot before movement. 

The Mule, I just had to get one! I've been on the receiving end of these for a while and I just want the opportunity to hit someone else with one and send them for a flying lesson!  As of yet, I still haven't got the elusive critical hit needed but I think one day it will be there.

Painting these guys were a nice break from the usual Everblight and Farrow and I couldn't help but give the heavy Warjack a few graffiti marks. 

As again, I hope these guys pull a little weight in future games but sadly my expectations aren't very high... Until I get myself a Warmachine/Troll army 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Little_Lano Paints + Updates: Warmachine Buccaneer


Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been available, haven't blogged, replied to requests for a few weeks.  This is because, being an active 22 year old, I have broken my trusty iPhone.  I used it for everything from blogging, work, emails, camera etc.  And as a consequence, I haven't been able to blog.  
Luckily, I have been to a mates house to do some gaming and painting and he had a decent camera for me to take some photos from!  Anyway, here is my recent offering to the paint gods.

Warmachine: Mercenary Buccaneer

Nothing really special here except one thing, WATER EFFECT!  My mate bought a bottle and i've become obsessed with the look.  I have Raluk Moorklaw painted also which I'll photograph eventually and I got the Buccaneer to go with him for a cheap warjack.