Monday, 27 April 2015

Little_Lano Reviews: Wargames Terrain Workshop Lizardmen Models

"Lizardmen miniatures from a company with as much fondness and love for them as I do.  Great casts from a company at a rock bottom price means you have to put a little work in tidying up the model but that shouldn't deter you from ordering from this amazing establishment"

Re-Inforcements for the E-Reptile Dysfunction team!!

So during Salute 2015, I saw an absolute plethora of miniatures available for sale, and anything you want or needed was going to be there. 
And many of my close friends all know, I have a thing for Lizardmen, and anything blood bowl related, so it was a huge surprise that I came across Wargames Terrain Workshop, a small UK based company with scaly humanoids! 
After talking to one of the stall workers, he told me the owner had a thing for blood bowl lizardmen and I had to just buy some. The thing was these miniatures are dead cheap, and had lovely terrain pieces for sale which I grabbed while I was there.

Anyway, to the miniatures.

First up was a Komodo Dragon Big Guy for £8. 
I just picked up the Leviathan Big Guy from Greebo for £12 so impulse said buy this one too. And why not?!

Next up was a pack of 3 Saurus Linesmen for £7.

£7?!?! Bloody hell these guys might as well just give their stuff away!

Unfortunately this was the only photo I got before painting but it'll serve to show how they look.

So under assembly, I have to say, you get what you paid for. I'm not sure what they made their miniatures out of, but it's a bit brittle and does come with a few missing bits from the casting.  Super glue doesn't stick very well and does need a while to be held there so it sticks.  
And by "what you paid for" I mean it does require a little work with green stuff to fill in the few gaps in the models, (it is worthy to note that most miniatures came in single piece except the big guy).

Anyway, here is what they looked like painted. 

After a quick spray paint, the paint does adhere to model well, and I found an immense enjoyment from painting these miniatures.

The only problem I do have, is the lack of detail, I did find myself wanting a bit more armour on the model and in hind sight I would have converted them a little.
The lizardmen with his frills flared (which is an amazing idea) did have his eyes miscast a little, so a little improvisation was needed. 

I painted these guys within an afternoon, which led to a not-so-friendly friendly with a mate who is new to Blood Bowl and just bought Impact Miniatures Bunny Female Team. Which is a treat on the eyes!

And as you can very well see, the new additions to my team have little trouble blending in.

Below is actually a Koi from their miniature fish range, the poor thing filled in as a ball as we didn't have one to hand!
I will do a miniature review for their Terrain pieces separately.

Overall, Wargamer's Terrain Workshop have cast some lovely models, and at the price they are asking, they are a steal.  At Salute I felt like I was talking to a team of people who were passionate about their products and I felt glad to know that someone out there shares my love from Lizardmen Bloodbowl miniatures as j find there is a distinct lack of them around.
I hear in future they plan to bring more Blood bowl miniatures out and that wil be something I look forward to immensly.

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