Monday, 1 December 2014

Little_Lano Plays: Warhammer 40k 5000pts Exhibition Game

I'm So the local gaming club had asked to run an exhibition game showing off 40k.

Since I had a vastly painted 40k army, I teamed up with another Tyranid Player for do a 5000pts Game.

The other side consisted of a lot of newer people to the hobby and loads of fortifications. 

Anyway, here is my photo porn of the game.

Tyranid Deployment

 The allied deploy into bunkers and fortification!

My army of red tyranids, trying to re create the Star Ship Troopers scene!

Some Orks prepare to hold the middle line. 

My allies of green tyranids
The swarm moved forward

 Man of the match, pops a Wave Serpent the first turn

The Tyranid Aerial Assault comes thick and fast.

A meteorite crashes and squishes a lot of the Tyranid infantry. 
A Trygon appears from behind the lines and starts to make its way through the impwrial guard infantryman 
Meanwhile, the Winged Tyrant starts to work its way through the second Ork line. 

The Eldar Wraith Guard stand tall and hold a line to cover their allies behind. 

After a couple of turns the tyranids have masses of infantry still making its way to the keep.
Lastly in the last turns, some Space Marine Terminators with their Chapter Master arrive, feeling brave, he takes a challenge from the Swarmlord, lol.

If anyone is interested, I game at Basildon Warboyz, Sunday evenings at 5-10pm. 
Check out the facebook group for more information :)


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