Saturday, 29 November 2014

Little_Lano Plays: WarmaHordes 35pts Part 1: List Build

I have been challenged, again by my good friend Anthony with, what I assume to be, his mighty troll army. 
I on the other hand will go different and play with my Farrow army.

So, what do I seem to be taking...
Let's take a look!

The Golden Horde (Tier 4)

Lord Carver, The Bringer Of Massive Destruction, Esquire III (+6pts)  
Warhog (8pts)
Warhog (8pts)
Razor Boar (2pts)
Rorsh and Brine (9pts)
Max Brigands (7pts)
Max Brigands (7pts)

The general idea of this list is to dig in, and make it extremely difficult for you to remove me. The two Warhogs and two Max Brigands allow me to play two different cases of "Hammer and Anvil" while Rorsh and Brine flank as needed. Meaning, if this becomes a two objective game, we can hold both effectively as well.
Well this is rough planning, what actually happens with the mission etc we'll have to wait and see.

Battle Group: Tanks, Hammers
So, the battle group will fill two different roles.
Firstly they can act as Tanks, under Carver's Mobility and Batten Down The Hatches, these guys all go up to 20/21 with  17 the exception on the
 razor Boar. Mobility makes them incredibly mobile with +2 SPD so they'll be advancing as quickly as a Legion army!
Needless to say, Carver himself will be quiet for the first two turns, handing out these spells cost 5 Fury and since they aren't up keeps, he is dangerously low. 

The RazorBoar will stick close to Carver as a transfer target, and if needed, can be a mini rocket for a problematic solo. 
The Warhogs will attack as needed, they can help each other to cast Massacre and then Fury themselves up to gain possible +8 Strength... I've never gone that high but could be a laugh!
Hopefully The Pig Joker and Pig Hulk will hit something this time as it seems they hit a barn door recently. 

Group 2: 2x Max Brigands

Under Carver's tier list they come a point cheaper, with Combined Range Attack and Fearless while in his CMD. I'm going to use these guys to clog up charge lanes, contest objectives and be a general nuisance!

Hopefully, they'll be able to hold the enemy in place while my Warhogs go in with Quagmire from Carver, or, they'll be able to deal a lot of damage during feat turn. With Hog Wild, they can CRA then charge, with effective POW10 weapon masters. 

Pretty handy if done correctly! 

Group 3: Rorsh and Brine

Batman!!! Robin!!!!! Yea these guys are going to be a nuisances and flank to hit some back row support and objectives. 

So that's the rough plan, got pretty much everything sorted. The game will take place Monday so keep an eye out for the Bartle report!

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