Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Little_Lano Paints: E-Reptile Dysfunction: Bloodbowl Lizardmen Team

Its Blood Mother Fucking Bowl!

What a game, few miniatures, stamping killing, breaking necks. What more do you want?

Well personally I'm a third Edition Blood Bowl player. I love the tactical plays with it and the fluidity of the game.

But on Friday coming, we'll be playing Second edition. Riot is an avid Blood Bowl second edition fan so, we all decided to go back an edition! I knowLizardmen   aren't technically  insecond  edition, but Riot has kindly altered some Ratmen rules to roughly resemble the lizards!

Many moons ago, we played a Blood Bowl tournament, in which I bought a team, and when I say "team" I meant I bought loads of random models which I loved the look of! They all have a sort of Reptilian theme going so it all goes!

Now starting from the survivors from last seasons Blood Bowl, these guys were painted, and played an active role during the season! 

So without further ado, I present The E-Reptile Dysfunction Team!

Firstly, my first two Saurii. While not lizards, I like the idea of big turtles blocking your way with nice big shields.

This is my "Big Guy". Now in Third edition this guy totally unusable. The wrong base size means he can't fit. But in second edition where I was first introduced, he is 100% legitimate!

My Skinks, only four were painted. But I like to think that they represent a wide variety of reptilian life!

Finally of the original team was my Turn Marker. He has another little buddy waiting as a ReRoll counter who isn't painted.

E-Reptile Dysfunction's Summer Transfer Window.

E-Reptile Dysfunction have been very active this window! Fully recruiting for their team and getting ready for the upcoming season!
(In reality, Riot and I agreed to play a game of Bloodbowl and I didn't want to disappoint with unpainted miniatures. So I went on a painting spleeeerrrrgggg)

Joining the new Saurii this season are some much needed back bone. Three of these guy were bought from Meiko Miniatures and the other from Crocodile Games. The sculpting quality from Meiko was actually pretty atrocious but I did my best in painting them. Although Crocodile Games, I have to give it to you, you guys did a fantastic job in design, sculpting and casting. 

Also new this season, was some squishy legs to quickly carry the ball. 3 new Skinks added to the Team giving me 1 Spare incase of an *accident*
Yet again, I have to say, unfortunately, Meiko  miniatures let me down in the casting quality. 

So, what would a team be, without a Coach?! The first of my background staff,    Coach Omar Croco Kalid.  Again, another model from Crocodile Games and another fantastic Sculpt! He need a little more work similar to the Skinks above, mainly basing and a few highlights. 

Thanks for looking people, for that is my current team. Come back Friday or Saturday and il have a Blood Bowl Match Day report ready!

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