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Little_Lano Plays: WarmaHordes 35pts, Everblight vs Trollbloods, Part 1Pre-Battle


So as the title suggests, I am doing another battle report! This time, against my good friend Anthony. It will be an titanic clash against Trollbloods with my Everblight.  I will be going into this game the same as I did against Riot last week, il be using units and models that I've rarely used, in order to get me motivated to paint them! Having Unpainted models is simply ugly!

Anyway, similar to my list previously, this is what il be taking. And while I'm here I will go through what I hope to achieve and my battle plan.

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (+6pts)
Seraph (8pts)
Nephilim Bolt Thrower (6pts)
Naga Nightlurker (5pts)
Max Spawning Vessel (3pts)
Max Blighted Nyss Grotesques (6pts)
Min Blighted Nyss Swordsmen (5pts)
Blighted Nyss Shephard (1pt)
The Forsaken (2pts)
Incubi (5pts)

The Plan
Now. If you read my previous blog, you'll realise that the list here is very similar to my previous one and the exception is the newer Warbeasts.  
And some people reading this will be looking at certain models and unit and be exclaiming "why have you never used these, these are stables and auto included in an Everblight Army!" While that is true, I understand the importance of some of these models and my simple explanation is, they weren't painted and they never got used. The units here that il be using to get some more experience using them is the Seraph, Bolt Thrower, Naga, Grotesques and Lylyth. While I have used Lylyth a hefty amount during my early days of WarmaHordes, it's only recently I look back at some of my older casters and see how effectively to use them.

Now the ACTUAL plan. This list lacks an effective heavy punch, which is why Lylyth with Parasite will be key to take down some of the heavier guys. If Anthony is carrying Troll Moses and the Stone Bearers, then il have some trouble in dealing with that. The Grotesques will be my buffer as usual, to hold up parts of his army while my Swordsmen can *hopefully* put dents into big shit. Il go into more detail later.

The Warbeasts job will be to snipe whatever comes my way, since this is a rough plan, I'm not entirely sure how and what!  Hopefully the scenario mission will be kinder to me this time. I am planning in going for Scenario kill, I don't think I have enough power behind this list to go for an Assasination win baring a major fuck up on Anthony part.

Photo Porn and Army 
Going into this fight il splitting my army into 3 Effective groups. 

Group 1- Battle Group, Shephard, Forsaken.
This should be a fairly simple job. Lylyth marks things for shooting and charges, and throws out her supporting spells like Parasite and Bad Blood. 
I plan on using the Naga as an opportunity targetter. May try to get a few critical a on heavy models. Critical melee is Shadow Binding (target can not move except to change facing and suffers-3Def), and critical shooting is Poison ( additional die damage against living models). He comes is useful with his animus which will be handy if Anthony uses Madrak. Madrak with Sure Foot makes his beasts annoyingly difficult to hit, the Naga's animus with Blessed will help mitigate that.

Seraph for thinning out infantry and solo sniping and more importantly his animus of Slipstream. Allowing extra 2" placement is great for positioning purposes.
The Bolt Thrower will hopefully get a few critical Knockdowns. Also being at POW14, might get lucky with damage with decent rolls! 
With the Forsaken and Shephard, Forsaken to roam and take Fury from my models. I will also pair the Bolt Thrower to the Shephard. The Shepard has Beast Handling, allowing Warbeasts in her CMD  to be forced outside of CTRL Range. Meaning the Bolt Thrower can flank for better angles independent of Lylyth.

All in all, my Battlegroup will be roaming. Needed wherever they are. They won't be dealing huge points of damage or on the front lines. But will support the other aspects of the army as seemed fit.

Group 2 - The "Anvil", Spawning Vessel, Grotesques.

When playing SteamRoller missions, it is vastly important to have board control. I'm taking the Grotesques as a "Jammer/Anvil" to block the control zone with the Spawning Vessel behind to support then.  These guys will take the brunt of the attack thrown at me.  I know people say that Grotesques are rubbish and for the same price you take Legionnaires, who, do everything the Grotesques do and better.  And to be honest, I agree, but, these guys deserve a chance to show what they can do, and everytime I've used them, they don't do that bad a job. So between these two units, I'm hoping that they provide enough weight of numbers to hold the opponent off and away from objectives.
Being Fearless also means not having to worry about Forsaken

Group 3- The "Hammer", Blighted Nyss Swordsmen, Incubi

As for my "Hammer Unit", I've gone very light. Min Swordsmen with Incubi support. 

At POW11 weapon masters, I'm hoping with the help of Parasite, they can do a fair bit of damage. Being Fearless also helps as the Forsaken won't scare them. 
I'm thinking of two ways to use them. Firstly, flanking, if the "Anvil" manages to hold the opponent, these guys can hit flanks or secondary objectives.
Secondly, if the "Anvil" doesn't last long, these guys can act as a counter charge unit to clear opposing units, the objective area or objectives themselves
The Incubi are there for several reasons.  Firstly, as a shooting deterent.  If people know that shooting or killing an infantry will give rise to these so close to enemy lines, they will think twice about it.
My logic behind this is the use with a Spawning Vessel. Since the Vessel can only carry 3 corpses, any kills after the third is technically wasted, that is where the Incubi pop out. Therefore reducing the waste corpses. By the time this happens, I should hopefully be within charge range on my next activation. Logic as I say, maybe the application maybe more difficult!
Also worthy of note, these guys pack 2 POW11s with combo strike. With the placement schenanigans afford to these guys, they can get some sneaky charges against unsuspecting models.

I've gone for single Hammer and single Anvil on the belief that at the small point limit we'll only be fighting over a single objective at the time. If the scenario calls for a fight on multiple fronts then Lylyth and the Warbeasts will have to get stuck in harder. 
Let's see how this game goes.

Until next time, have some Photo Porn!

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