Monday, 11 June 2018

A Week in Winions -1-

So while the title says a week, i've actually had multiple games since my last blog post.  A lot of the games are with people who were practising for certain tournaments like the Welsh Nationals and decided not to blog a lot of the games to protect certain list secret tech etc.  Or so I use the excuse, truth be told, I've just been way too busy.  Anyway, to the games I've had most recently.

Maelok vs Zaal1 - Scenario Victory

In my continued quest to find out weaknesses of Maelok in general, he was pitted out against Zaal1 with a shed tonne of Immortals.  A mate wanted to try test out his list against a armoured army as the list is designed to do so.  What better way than to shove the most obnoxious Armour drop against it.

I lost the roll to go first, and on deciding table sides, i chose the side with the least amount of terrain within my own table third.  The middle Forest gave sufficient cover after the army advanced and the LoS blocking terrain within his side of the table could stop a lot of the charges needed to get through the Posse.  The plan for my turn run is the hide the Husks behind the middle forest and right hand building, to set up the next turn where i can incorporeal run into he middle of the army.  The Husk on the left run into position to drag the immortals towards the right hand edge of the zone by staying within range of 2 charges.  Ideally i don't want the immortals to get deep, meaning i only have to kill the handful who get to the zone and establish the battle line on the outer edges.  

 Beginning of turn 2.  The Immortals on the left hand side charge into the Husk,  failing to kill, and lose 2 in retaliation.  Down the middle, I lose a 2 Raiders to Immortals.  The Immortals to my right run around the building attempting to exert a presence.

Going into Maelok turn 2.  Time to enact our bread and butter plan.  Clear the Zones and score at least 2CP.  The Gatorman Soul Slave advances and does a fully boosted Venom spray down the line clearing 4 Immortals, the green Posse clear the last 3 Immortals to give me control of the zone.  The Husk remaining on 1 box, runs just outside the zone and engages the remaining Immortals.  Down the middle, Maelok advances to the mid table and pops his feat.  The Posse in the middle advance and also start removing Immortals.  It's important to note that Immortals ALL have magical weapons... so while incorporeal gives me Pathfinder, i can't press as deep as id like, making capturing his flag a lot more difficult.  Posse on the right hand side also start to consolidate on board control.  The only Immortals left alive are a handful hiding directly behind the building.  The Boneswarm to my left casts Swarm and charges the nearest Immortal, while the rest of the battlegroup moves up.

Going into turn 3, I was feeling confident i can close this game out on my turn.  I knew I placed Maelok in range on the Gladiator, but to get to him, he would have to go through the Boneswarm which would give Maelok a full camp.  If he came for me, then the Gladiator wasn't in the zone and that would be 1 less thing to worry about.
The Immortals all take vengeance moves which largely bounce off the ARM22 Gatormen.  Zaal1 activates, pops his feat (giving him 18 boosts to use), casts Last Stand and Rush on the Gladiator.  The Immortals kill the Boneswarm and Gators guarding Maelok.  Then the horror starts, the Gladiator charges Maelok, and at dice -3, starts rolling 4d6 for damage.  Dealing in consecutive attacks, 13,14,6 for damage.  Jesus, he hadn't even bought attacks yet...  the next dice spike dealt a whopping 16 damage which killed my Boneswarm through Transfer damage.  With 1 Fury left to use, Maelok sitting on 8 boxes, and only a Wrastler 3 damage, thankfully, the final attack deals 10 damage which leaves Maelok on 1 box and 0 war beasts left.  The last ditch attempt was to kill his own Ancestral Guardian, get Kovas out and charge him over a Thrullg to deal the last damage,  which fails as the free strike from Thrullg kills him.  Game is largely over at this point with Skorne passing clock with 16 seconds left on clock.

Going into Maelok turn 3, being 2-0 up, a 3CP turn is fairly achievable.  Maelok, still staggered by the beating he just got from the Gladiator, advances again and starts casting Venom though multiple enemies to clear the enemy flag.  The Soul Slave does the same and the remaining Posse on the board clears the few models contesting.  the Thrullg camps the enemy flag while my Gobber Chef camps mine.  Leaving Maelok looking messy and bloody 5-0 CP win.


Okay, jesus, Last Stand Gladiator, never stand there, in front of it, near it, in the area.  Just don't, because 7 fury doesn't save you if the transfer the damage kills your WHOLE battlegroup.  And what was the lesson here, be more conservative, and ALWAYS measure .  In all honesty, this was a lost game, because a few of the Immortals could have got in if he committed fully to the assassination run.  The safe spot was sitting the flag as from that position, i could happily applied Mortality if i needed it and Death Pact reached everywhere it was needed.

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