Thursday, 7 January 2016

Starting As I Mean to Continue! DINOSAWWWWS

So, as my resurgence into Warhammer Fantasy continues, I'm tasked with teaching others the art of the Gentleman's Game. Having seen my  Lizardmen army grow, Neil from @EssexLegion borrows an army and is eager to learn the rules! Following suit, is a whole line of people waiting to get their plastic Fantasy crack fix! I think we may have kick started a renaissance into Warhammer Fantasy, and I'm going to have to teach them.... After I remember half the rules myself!

First up, the photos aren't amazing and I apologise, but this was the best I managed between dice rolling and shoddy lighting!

Anyway, it dawns on me how rusty I am with the rules, since I had to refer to the rule book from time to time! Btw the photos are just for filler, I actually don't really remember a lot of what happened! 
What I do remember, is a lot of mistakes were made! And I reckon this is will just a massive list of mistakes!

1) remember, you can't stand and fire when within the enemy basic (M)movement... This cost me a unit of skinks which I had hoped would dart a few skeleton horses to death. 

2) Skinks do skink things in combat... Eg they fall over and play dead at the first sign of combat... 

3) Don't charge skinks into the front of units... Especially TombGuard... 

4) Do charge your Ripperdactyls in when possible, but DON'T FORGET to place your blot toad markers... That costed me an extra d3 attacks against some units!

5) don't forget to base your models... Makes for a poor photo... 

6) don't spend 7 hours painting a model at 2am when in fact it does piss all in the game. 

7) to be fair I'm being a little harsh on my Bastiladon, he didn't kill much, but he provided a lot of valuable support  to friendly units. 

8) Don't let a Necrolith Colossal charge you... In fact don't let anything with Devastating Assault charge you. It's not fun...

Overall it was a great game. It was the first time I managed to field a Slann Mage Priest and the magic it affords is vital when the rest of my core infantry are soo expensive. I definitely won't be leaving home without one again!

It's great to be able to play a game like this again, having played WarmaHordes for the last year non stop, it's nice to play a game where there's no residual pressure weighing you down. Don't get me wrong, I love WarmaHordes, but sometimes I want a game where it's a little more chilled and laid back. 

P.S there was also suppose to be a battle blog with a game from @RiotVilleOnFire, but I forgot to take photos! So head over to his blog to see that! 

Lastly, have a photo of the new Lord/Hero I'm painting up

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