Monday, 2 February 2015

Little_Lano Plays: Bloodbowl Basildon Warboyz League FUCKING BOOOOWWWLLLLL

Game 1: Halflings 1-1

Yes, i drew with Halflings... it happens... it was good psychological play by my opponent and you know what, it was a good game so all is fair :P

So, as they say, Nuffle rewards Madness... no he doesn't!

My Turtle Saurus bocks a Hafling... and rolls double Skull... coupled with the fact that the Halflings stole my re-rolls? FUCCCCCCKKK Turnover turn 1...

Jaws VI has the ball, all is currently good, yes my Saurii seem to be scared of Halflings, and my Skinks have had there heads caved in by Halflings... but its going well!

So... Nuffle DOESN'T reward madness! After shielding the ball for 2 successful turns, I decide to block some more halflings so rack up some experience... and i roll DOUBLE SKULLS again, meaning my guys fall down and my turn is over.  And next to insult to injury, a Blitzing Halfling rolls Double POW when it's my choice! Fuck!! Meaning I get to half time without scoring...  BOLLOCKS

During the second half, the Halflings receive, and after the Saurii start to get to work stomping the Halflings for exp.  After a failed Dodge roll, the Lizards of E-Reptile Dysfunction start to gain an advantage.

And, finally, Ko'Taka finally manages to nab the ball and race it over the line for a 1-0 lead on Turn6.
Everything looks good for the Lizards?  WRONG

After the kick off, the "CROWD" get involved and decide to throw a rock at my Captain! and knocks him out as a casualty!  Secondly, the weather changes and the ball is blown off the pitch for kick off, meaning, the Halfling player can give the ball to anyone he wants...
So, promptly, he gives the ball to a Halfling Star Player and races down one flank for a quick touch down ON TURN8!

My Turn8 consisted of me just stomping Halflings, causing 3 casualties.  And so, the game ends as a 1-1 Draw.

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