Friday, 23 January 2015

Little_Lano Paints: Tyranids, Loads and Loads of Fucking Tyranids...

I'm sticking true to my New Years Resolution! 
I am slowly but surely getting through the man mountain which is Hive Fleet Insidia. The sheer volume of models needed to be painted is astounding but I'm not going to complain, just got to get the brush into the paint and slap it onto some miniatures.

So having looked through my loft, I found some old models dating back 8/9 years when I first started. I also found models which I bought this time last year and never even looked at them again. Looks like it's time to get painting!

Also, I didn't realise how bright the pictures turned out until I got them onto my computer!
My phone screen is fucked so the im wasn't sure how the colours appeared :(

Productive painting time really gets you in the mood to continue. I reckon I spent a total of 16 hours painting all these guys.

Thankfully I simplified my colour scheme for my tyranids, my Second Strain of Hive Fleet Insidia is red with bone coloured markings long the carapace. Fleshy bits are done in green. The only exception was the Biovore you can see above, he was kept in my original first strain colours.

Recently I have been obsessed on basing my models. I've always known that painting the sand on your base is a better way to go, but I've always thought it was a waste of time. But when I ran out of natural coloured sand, I experimented with colourings and boy, it's starting to look like I'm going to be rebasing a couple hundred models...

I've always wondered what my models look like from the front. Because all we ever get to see is the back!? Hence why I like to get glamorous um shots of my models :P

 The Red Terror was one of the original Tyranid sculpts I loved as a boy, I found him lurking *pun intended* in a shoe box next to the Raveners and he had to be stripped for some paint! I just can't wait for the next 40k game where I can out all my new guys in! 

Glorious bum shots... 

Lastly in my painting slurge, my converted Trygon Prime with Miasma Cannon and Reaper of Obliterax. This is a model which when I read about the items in the new Tyranid Codex, I just had to do, he may be a gross amount of points, at 300 odd, but my god is he going to be a laugh. 
Unfortunately, I ordered some bits from Chapter House Studios and they were a little small, but it didn't really matter, it's still an awesome model with his big fuck if gun of doom

But yea, on this model, I experimented more with some basing techniques, using small slate for some texture and highlighting it. I like the contrast it gives and helps the base become more alive!

So this is the first of the hive fleet that getting the paint.
I have a few more bug monsters to paint, then il get started on the hordes of little guys. Numbering 230 odd infantry models, I'm going to go insane painting them!


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