Thursday, 1 January 2015

Little_Lano Reviews: 2014, A Year of Gaming

What a year it has been!

Firstly, The Miniature Empire Gaming store closed down, we found a new home fore gaming but alas, the club had to close due to the store closing! It's been a turbulent year.

This year saw me make the transition from Warhammer 40k to WarmaHordes.  I do still like Warhammer 40k and I play it regularly with friends, but I prefer the tactical acumen and the competitive nature of WarmaHordes.

Paint wise, there hasn't been much improvement I think, painting for me comes in two bursts.
It is either I get really inspired and i spend days painting one or two models, or i speed paint!

Speed painting to a consistent standard is what I believe I have gotten better at.  Earlier this year I'd spend two days painting one terminator where as now I can spend less time painting!

Now the Big One, my New Year's Resolution: I will Paint all my unpainted Tyranids and WarmaHordes models BEFORE i paint anything else!  Just to note, that means...

4 Winged Hive Tyrants
3 Hive Tyrants
2 Tyranid Primes
Death Leaper
4 Venomthropes
3 Zoanthropes
4 Tyrant Guards
15 Tyranid Warriors
60 Hormagaunts
20 Termagants
60 Genestealers
22 Space Hulk Genestealers
1 Space Hulk Broodlord
2 Broodlords
15 Ripper Swarms
20 Spore Mines
30 Gargoyles
2 Harpies
1 Hive Crone
5 Tyranid Shrikes
6 Carnifexii
1 Tyrannofex
1 Mawloc
1 Trygon Prime
2 Biovores

6 Huge Based Models
13 Large Based Models
44 Medium-ish based models
212 Small Based Models

14 Shredders
1 Harrier
1 Stinger
2 Deathstalkers
1 Forsaken
Dr. Arkadius
Maximum Unit of Brigands

Having looked at it, the WarmaHordes list isn't that huge, but that list of Tyranids...
Boy... thats a lot for me to go through....

If you guys want to take a look more at what I do painting wise, I do post a lot more on instagram so please check me out here.

and for now, I wish you...

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