Thursday, 1 January 2015

Little_Lano Plays: WarmaHordes 50pts Legion of Everblight vsMercenaries(Riot)

So Riot from (here) is coming over to drop his gaming table top off.
The poor lady has no home since the closing down of our local gaming club so I adopted her!

And we will be christening the table while he is here! 

So, as normal, what do I take? 
Well over Christmas i acquired a Gatorman Posse and Kallus the Wrath of Everblight.
Just before that I managed to win a ebay bid for Max Legionnaires + Captain Farilor, so, I imagine they'll work fairly well together considering Kallus is an Infantry Caster!

Let see what my list consists of today...

Kallus, The Wrath of Everblight (+5pts)
Succubus (-2pts)
Nephilim Soldier (-5pts)
Afflictor (-4pts)
Spell Martyr x2 (-2pts)
Max Spawning Vessel (-3pts)
Max Legionnaires + UA (-9pts)
Max Warspears + UA (-10pts)
Max Warspears +UA (-10pts)
Max Gatorman Posse (-9pts)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (-1pt)

A few of the models aren't based properly yet, but it'll do for the purposes of this game!

So let's see what we have available to is.

Group 1: Battlegroup: Kallus, Nephilim Soldier, Afflictor

Upon reading Kallus' card for the first time, I love the amount infantry support he gives. Unconquerable gives Friendly Faction models Unyielding and Dark Guidence allows my infantry to hit with great accuracy. 

I researched Kallus a little before, and found it that his feat works on all Friendly models, meaning, if my posse went down, they'd turn to Incubi too!
With that, il be aiming for a turn 3 feat. 
Scenario wise, I'm hoping that il be able to push Riot off the objectives and win on scenario.

The Soldier is there for a 5pt beat stick and for the animus of Massacre and because he looks cool lol.
The Afflictor is a beast that sees very little use, but in running with the theme, I thought It would be fitting to include him.

Group 2: Anvil: Legionnaires, Captain Farilor, Spawning Vessel

Oh boy, Captain Farilor and his band of merry men. Mini Feat for +4ARM, gives them Set Defence and is a Weapon Master with Cleave.  I figuring, pairing this with Kallus' Unyielding, these guys can become ARM22 on Mini Feat!  Pairing this with the Spawning Vessel and you have the ultimate Tarpit unit which can also CMA with a Weapon Master Initiate for nasty nasty damage.

The Spawning Vessel, nothing more to say, it's awesome, it's two points and it's practically an auto include in any infantry based list!

Group 3: Hammer: Max Warpers + UA

Two units of the good old trusty Warspears and their UA.  I hardly leave home without these guys and have used them extensively in recent battles.  Along with a unit of Gatorman Posse, I'm hoping I can force multiple break checks which stops the various amounts of infantry coming towards me.  

Group 4: Support: Succubus, Spell Martyrs

Succubus for free up keeping, when I want to cast Dark Guidance every turn when possible, the free up keep freeing up a fury is essential so Kallus doesn't get assassinated.  Also, it allows me to spam another Massacre for free.  Also, any excuse to use my Reaper Miniatures proxy lol!
The Spell Martyrs I took for some early game area denial.  Eruption is great for holding charge lanes and damage potential.  It's also another Souless model for the Afflicters animus to pawn off too.

Group 5: Allies: Gatormen Posse, Swamp Gobbers

Gatormen Posse is apparently the best head¥ infantry available to Hordes.  They have Unyielding naturally and can take a heck amount of punishment with access to multiple prayers. 
I plan on shoving these guys down the flank and forcing them to be dealt with.  Hopefully, they'll help generate some incubi on feat but they can do a sufficient job in being a huge distraction.

The Swamp Gobbers are there to bock LOS.  Calls is going to be fairly close to the front line, so i do need to keep him sheltered and out of sight so that he can apply his buffs to his units efficiently.  
And for 1 point, there is no reason why you shouldn't take these guys!

Game Plan
Turn 1: Run down the board in tight formation, the abundance of high armour should allow me to weather any stray blasts that come in my way.
Turn 2: Mini feat with the Legionnaires.  Tempt the opponent into a charge, while hiding the Ogryns behind, and Gatormen Posse not to far.  Kallus should be behind giving out Unyielding means that they'll have to go trough an ARM22 wall.
Turn 3: Counter Attack.  The Ogryns and the Vengeancing Legionnaires should be able to start carving their way through the infantry, and hopefully the Gatormen should be in position to hit from an advantageous angle.  Kallus pops feat, we should now start to push into the zones.
Turn 4+: Continue to press, with the aid of the feat, we should be winning the attrition war and pushing enemy models off zones. Looking to win the game Turn 6.


  1. I have just uploaded my photos from the battle onto my computer and they are absolute PORN!!!!!!!

    I need to get the Steelheads a coat of paint this year.

    1. I've taken a look at them on my phone too! they are absolutely gorgeous photos!

      Im doing the write up for the Battle now :)