Friday, 16 January 2015

Little_Lano Paints: Malifaux, Lady Justice's Crew

So I had some more time over the last few days to paint up some more Malifaux. 

In sticking to my NY Resolution, if I want more stuff, I've got to paint what I have!  And I'm starting to put small dents in my never ending paint pile.

So lastly to paint is the Scales of Justice and Lady Justice.

Now I don't have much experience in painting flesh tones, I mean, I painted Blighted Blue skin for Legion, and Red Tyranids mainly!!

Well here they are, pretty pleased with what I have so far, now to make a sizable dent within the Tyranid Horde so I can get myself some more Malifaux! 

The blind fighter Lady Justice, Master of the Guild.

Her personal totem, the Scales.  A tricky model to play with but if you are able to get him off he makes Justice silly powerful.

The completed Crew. Now to get some more games in!

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