Thursday, 1 January 2015

Little_Lano Plays: WarmaHordes 50pts vs Riot Part 2

The stage was set, and the two armies lined up across the brand new table.
Looking at the other side, my opponent was the ever dangerous Ashlyn.  And immediately the threats stood out in the opponent list.  
1) The two Mules.  I have very little ways of penetrating Armour 18+.  The only ways possible would be to Ignite my Warpers and with the help of Prey, I can crack that armour.  The other problem is the fact that Riot won't leave my Ogryns alone for me to get to them, it'll be a hard fought fight to get rid of those.

2) Stannis, mother fucking Stannis.  This guy, is soooooooooooooooooooo annoying, with his Halberdiers and Cavalry.  They move through each other, over each other get Flanking bonuses and what not.  And guess who is behind them, yes it Alexia, the Bitch of Warmachine, the common whore who is in every list possible... Looks like my Spawning Vessel will be competing for bodies for the rest of the game!

Here is my deployment.  The Legionnaires take place in the middle, Kallus and the support behind them ready to collect souls and hand out Dark Guidance  and Unyielding.  They are flanked by the Ogryns on both flanks, with the Gatorman Posse on the extreme right.

The Gatorman Posse i was hoping to be an annoyance, maybe to force some units to come engage me, but also, I want to be able to force multiple break checks next to my Ogryns.  They are able to pretty act independent of the main army, I haven't really played with these guys yet, and I'm already loving what they offering to me.

The Mercenaries line up ahead of me.  the amount of infantry on the table will mean there is a lot of pummelling on both sides!

The gun mages make another appearance, these guys are horrible under feat, critical brutal and my Ogryns will be feeling the pain through out the game!  Also, a Mule has be Marshalled to the Officer, meaning that there will be Critical Brutal Steam Cannon throwing everything mother fucking everywhere goodness.  I can't wait to see what will happen when that hits in the middle of the infantry blobs!

On the other side of Ashlyn, the man mountain of infantry takes place, with the compulsory corpse collector behind!
I'm pretty scared of those cavalry coming into my way, I'm hoping that I can hold them at bay and the Legionnaires can take the bulk of damage.  Hopefully the Ogryns will hit on the counter and get rid of them.

Turn 1: As always, both sides run forward in an attempt to gain the advantage in the middle of the board.

Turn 2: At the top of turn 2, My Legion army runs into the zone and eagerly await the Halberdier's charge.  The Gatormen advance down the flank against the incoming Devil Dogs. Little did i know that those Devil Dogs will unleash a massive Bukakke load onto the Gators.
The Legionnaires pop the mini feat to form an impervious wall.

The Gun mages take up position on the Ruins to gain the elevation bonus and to hold the right flank against the incoming Ogryns.

The first Mule opens up, but being ARM 22, (I was engaging the enemy objective) he does no damage.  Thank goodness it wasn't a critical hit!

The Halberdiers line up the initial charge, the mix of Gators and Ogryns and a lot of wounds to take off.

Firstly, the Halberdier Cavalry charge in with Stannis.  Stannis himself doesn't do much damage, the Ogryns have Set defence on the charge and Unyielding which means he doesn't have enough punching to power to finish one off, although he does pop a few damage boxes.
Although, the Steel Head Cavalry fail their Terror check!
A huge outcome which surely means I've saved an Ogryn.
That is game changer.

The Halberdiers receive a  Run\Charge order and due to Stannis, they can move through each other.  Proving to be a great meat shield for the Terrified Steel Head Cavalry.

The Halberdiers use Combined Melee attacks, but unfortunately they don't pull down any infantry.  The ARM buffs for all my infantry prove too tough.
The Devil Dogs Combined Ranged Attack and blow their load all over a Gatorman Posse.  The gators are taking damage by the boat full!
Meanwhile, the Gatormen head into combat and take off the Halberdier heads, LITERALLY.

Now at the time of writing this, things frothier get a bit shady, Riot and I got side tracked with the absolute amazing photo porn available, so my reporting from here on in will be sketchy!
From here, I remember using my Vengeance movements and the Legionnaires carve through the Halberdiers, I go for an Assassination on Alexia but come up 1 damage short. Which, will have dire consequences in the next turn!
At the End, I pop my Feat.  Any casualties will be starving Alexia of corpses and providing me with Incubi!

Photo Porn, pure porn.

Meanwhile the Ogryns on my right flank are getting hammered.  The Mule Marshalled to the Mages got a critical brutal which knocked down my UA which mean't I couldn't change.  Gutted!  I have to settle for walking one guy in combat and throwing African Sticks for hard 10s.  The Gunmages also blow away one and i'm no conceding to the idea that these are sacrificing themselves to make sure the Zone isn't over run and my objective is safe for a while longer.

I see you Gorman, you Black Oil throwing cunt.  Every Warmachine Army I've played in the last 6 months has either Sylys, Eiryss, Rupert, Alexia or Gorman in it... Unfortunately, most of them make an appearance today!
I'm planning on getting my Afflicter to swoop in and take him out.  a 4pt trade to get rid of him is well worth it.

So, not killing Alexia lead to this.  MAGNIFICENT PHOTO PORN!
It's like Scarlett Johansson got naked and laid over a gaming table.
But still, these fuckers are annoying, they come up everywhere and created what can only be a cess pool of undead, smelly cloud effects whirl of blades and teeth.
They manage to pull done a handful of miniatures, but generate Incubi in the process.

An overview of the battle


The Harrier that was spawned from the Pot has a second go at Alexia.  This time, he makes sure she goes down with a terrific roll.  The tide is turning over on the left hand side of the field.

Starting to look healthier over here.
There aren't many photos of the right hand side because it's starting to look dire for me and Riot and I believed that the photos over here were much more interesting!
At this point though I was starting to worry.  One unit of Ogryns were now all but dead, and the second unit had taking massive casualties.  And there were two full health Mules for me to contest with if i want that zone.  

This is how it looked after my 4th turn.  The incubu were generated and we can now start pushing off the zone and get to work taking the objective.

Ashlyn starts swinging away and removes a lot of the models in the way.
Unfortunately, Riot's misses is calling and the end of the game comes beckoning quickly!

Photo Porn

Photo Porn

Photo Porn

In the Last throws of the game, the Spawning Vessel poops out a Stinger, the Stinger goes in for the kill on Ashlyn and puts his Stinger through her heart.
which is the Game.

Conclusion to the Game.
It was a shame that Riot had to leave, had we had more time, I reckon those two mules would have blasted Infantry everywhere and I would have had a real problem dealing with them.

So what did i learn today?

1) The list needs to be tweaked to find a better way to deal with high ARM.  I'm thinking I'll drop the war beasts and take a Heavy Warbeast for heavy hitting.

2) Remember what I have.  I forgot on numerous occasions to roll the additional dice for Dark Guidance.  Especially when Ashlyn popped her feat I forgot to roll that addition dice which could have helped!

3) Painted models are better models, and it makes the game look pretty!


  1. Porn is defined "as visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement". Apart from the bit about sexual organs (thats 2keys Menoth army), thats pretty much what the photos in this blog post by definiation are.

    Cracking looking battle and I wish I did not have to rush off early as it would have been really interesting to see how the rest of the game played out.

    1. it was such a shame we had to finish the game early!
      Maybe another time we can finish a game!
      Considering now you know i'm only 15min down the road!