Sunday, 7 June 2015

Little_Lano Builds: Blood Bowl Stadium pt4!

So, in the missing gap of 2 weeks, I've been on holiday, subsequently dropped my phone into a mini waterfall in the Lake District and raided the English countryside for some great scenery for my gaming table!

While I ran around picking lichen from walls and bagging it up, the girlfriend and her friend looked at me like some demented weirdo! 
I explained that this is free and it's £10 a bag at home... She still didn't understand!

Anyway, this is as fair as I've gotten now!

I also had a sizable delivery from China in cheap plastic aquarium plants!

The next part was the home dugouts which was needed due to an upcoming game. 

The aquarium plants cost 60p from China including delivery! It's insanely cheap, the only downside is waiting 10says for delivery but eh.

Progress so far is coming along nicely!

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