Thursday, 14 May 2015

Little_Lano Builds: Blood Bowl Stadium pt3

So while I'm stuck indoors, the paints came out and models got Gucci!

Meanwhile, my stadium got some more paint as I managed to procure some more acrylic. Note to self, poster paint doesn't work...

I worked out that dry brushing leaves brush marks and using bits of foam gives a better smoother look.

I started putting some lichen down on the cliff faces then realised I had run out... Meaning I have to climb onto a mates roof to get some more! Why pay £15+ for a bag when it grows on a mates shed roof! 
Not sure if it's visible, but I did use a dark green wash into the recesses in order to get an algae look into the rocks. 

How it lines up with the pitch. The pitch got few extra layers to go over the crappy poster paint and the lines re painted. Eagerly waiting till the time when I can get myself some realistic water effect and start to really make this board stand out. 

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