Sunday, 10 May 2015

Little_Lano Plays: Mordheim, Saving Private Dillon

During our weekly meet, we got to grips with more of our Mordheim campaign games. I took on Macca's Norse raiders in the gardens of some priest that my Beastmen cared not for, because my Beastmen Shaman had been taken prisoner! Using the newer scenarios, we played a mission where my guys were *suppose* to be sneaky, but being the Beastmen they are... They ran in all cow bells ringing. 

A scarce amount of trees and few buildings, ideal way to sneak in to attempt a rescue!

Meanwhile Dillon sits on a rock waiting for rescue...

My Beastmen arrive from the Western front, and quickly set up behind a building.

My cheiftan Bruno though it might be a good idea to run through amongst the cover of trees... But the sentry watch out above rolls really well for his initiative checks and sounds the alarm at the first chance! Bollocks, looks like we have to run in and beat shit up then!

Things get messy as a Wolfen charges into my Gor. I initially sent a Gor and two wolves to deal with the 4 archers sitting in the building to the north. One of the pups takes an arrow in the eye (quite literally!) and the Wolfen does enough to cause the Gor to flee the battle licking his wounds.

Meanwhile, Archie and Sammy are sent to silence the sentry up top. 

The battle of the dogs begin near the middle. It takes 4dogs to take down one of the Chaos Mastiffs. Unfortunately, Siobhan my Centigor arrives in time to help and help herself to what is essentially free exp!

Having failed to deal with the archers... They rain arrows into the middle of the battle, causing numerous casualties.

Billy manages to pick up the chest containing Dillons armoury, just before Siobhan frees him from the chained rocks. A lone dog chases him in vain to stop him from escaping.

This was the final straw for the Norse. They felt the prisoner was not worth the effort and allowed the Beastmen to take their prisoner back home.
Meaning Macca's failed his rout check!
A great game in which casualties flew from both sides, the speed at which the Beastmen go is a great advantage, but the fear inducing Norse exposed a weekends that I didn't know was there.  I knew that LD7 wasn't great for Rout checks but also means Fear checks are horrid! 
Maybe I need to find myself some Holy relics to use!

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  1. looked like a cracking game from the other table.

    The battle fields are really coming on and look the business!