Thursday, 7 May 2015

Little_Lano Builds: Blood Bowl Stadium pt1

The time has come, my E-Reptile Dysfunction need a home. A stadium to call their own! Well, I did want to do some painting, I have a commission by Riot at RiotvilleonFire, but the shitty English weather was dreadful and I didn't want to risk spray painting in humid weather.
So having picked up this bit of insulation foam very cheap, I think it's time to start building.  

So this is the first time I have built something this big! And I have sifting through a huge amount of blogs/photos/articles on how to build Lizardmen themed scenery and I do have a plan on how to build my stadium.

But first lets get the basics built. Meaning I need pitch, first and for most. 
I had to resort to using a saw as a set square to get some perfect lines, but it worked, and after a copious amount of maths, I have all the points marked and time to start scouring the foam.

I first used a pencil, then once all the lines were marked, I went through them with the blunt end of an old Paint brush, just to give the squares a more rugged, stone look.

I'm not content with the uniformity of the squares, so I used a knife to hack away to break up some of the stones. I assume that through the Lustrian Jungles the pitch wouldn't be in the best of conditions!
This took me close to 2 hours to do, but I am very happy with the product afterwards. 

Now comes the pain staking process of painting. Weeks ago, I stopped at a store called Tiger and picked up a cheap bottle of black acrylic paint. It was £1 and having looked at it I didn't think it would cover the whole pitch but low and behold, when mixed with hot water, it actually covered the whole thing!

Not bad for a £1 tube of black paint. The Hot water mixed in helps a lot for the paint to cover  the cracks and seep into the nooks and crannies. 

That's as far as I got in an evening. And probably tomorrow il go and give it a few layers of grey.
But this is seeming to become my summer project and I have loads of crazy ideas floating around my head for stadium decor!


  1. Don't you have finals coming up?

    1. Eh, I'm blessed with Chinese genes. It's all good!

    2. yer my jeans were made in China as well...... whats your point?