Thursday, 14 May 2015

Little_Lano Paints: Bolt Action Japanese

Just a short blog article today. 
I was clearing through my piles of miniatures and came to the decision that they need to be sold off, I simply don't have enough space to house all of them and they can go to a new home where they'll be appreciated!

So, just to immortalise what I have, I thought I'd blog my better painted stuff. And here is the first of many, my Bolt Action Japanese.

In all honesty, it's just a single box, but these guys held a special place in my heart as I painted these guys very quickly (5/6 hours if I remember rightly) for a D-Day anniversary game, although the Japanese weren't there yadda yadda. 
They did make a good impromptu scenario of The Pegasus Bridge over the River Kwai!

My favourite were the sniper team I made.  This was the first real time I experimented with Clump Foliage and I went crazy with the whole Japanese ambushing from the trees idea!

More photoporn 

Out of a single box, I did manage to get 2 units of 12 infantry with special weapons, commander and Lieutenant, medic,  and a sniper team, actually not that bad for £24! And I'm pretty sure I had one or two men left.

I do have to say, historical games aren't my thing, but these miniatures made by Warlord were a pleasure to paint and put together. 
It will be sad to see these go, but a must is a must, I simply don't have the space for these and should go to a home where they'll see some play time.

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