Saturday, 2 May 2015

Little_Lano's Week of Gaming: Creative Biscuit and Tanelorn LGC

What a week it has been! It kicked off with some WarmaHordes action Thursday night, proceeded to Salute on Saturday, and then Tanelorn gaming club Thursday afterwards!
In between games, I've been busy with commission work and reviews so when I should be studying for my Finals, I'm playing with toy soldiers... GREAT TIMES!!

Creative Biscuit Cafe Woodford

So on the last Thursday of every month, we get together to play some small games of WarmaHordes.  I took on the Cafe owner Tim with my Farrow who, only hours earlier, had failed copious amounts of easy dice rolls (AGAIN) in a warm up game. 

Our two armies line up, and ahead of me is a superbly painted Khador army!

As true to WarmaHordes fashion, every thing sprints forward so the carnage may begin.

Over on the right flank, a Berzerker runs over to hold my forces up.
The Buccaneer in my army is marshalled to Raluk and using his Hog Wild drove, he allows the Buccaneer to knock down the Berzerker with its net then charge over towards the Widow Makers to tie them up in combat.  

Which then allows my Warpig to charge in and destroy it.  Or so I thought, 3 initial attacks later and 4 additionals and the Berzerker is still standing... The curse of my Farrow returns as the dice gods laugh as I roll 1s and 2s for damage consecutively. 

The running Assault Kommandos engage Carver, and as per usual, Carver, needing 5s to hit, misses, and misses again...  He spends the rest of the damn game missing as he always does.

To add to my woes, the Khador dog charges the buccaneer, and takes a substantial hunk out of his armour. After going back to his master and taking the charge from the Buccaneer, he makes 3 Tough rolls and after getting up numerous times, he destroys the buccaneer... Laughable right... That's what I had to tell myself to stop me from crying! To make matters worse, Raluk failed 2 skill checks when attempting to repair the Buccaneer... 

The End of the Game doesn't get any better, my Warhog charges a Decimator while under Carvers feat but despite maxing fury out, he STILL doesn't destroy it... 
To top things off, Tim left his Caster in the open and Carver was able to charge him, and, in good Carver fashion, spends all his Fury in missing when he needs 7s for a hit.  The Decimator, after destroying the attacking War Hog, turns around and makes Bacon Butties out of Carver.
I think, this may be time to sell my Farrow! 

Tanelorn Gaming Club, Leytonstone 

50pts, death clock, Khador vs Retribution.
The ultimate platform to put ones wits against one another. My opponent was Ed, and he brought a list that I would struggle to beat. kaelyssa tier list with 5 Warjacks! My infantry are going to suffer through sheds of shooting, and hopefully il jam him from the objective.

Due to it being death clocked, I didn't get many photos, and the ones you see is what I got after the game so I apologise for the lack of Battle Reports. I will get a full report in soon. 

Having nearly blocked him from a control zone, my masses of infantry manage to surround Ed's lesser numbers, which exposes small gaps in his line which allow me to snipe vital targets like his Arcanists and Artificers. 

Vlad2 popped his feat and with the help of Kovnik Jo and hand of Fate, the Winter guard spray straight through the Myrmidon wall and plink Kaelyssa to death. 

Looking back at the game, I realise that my Vlad2 list needs some more anti ARM. I can deal with 2/3 Warjacks but the 5 I came up against gave me serious amount of questions and in which I was very lucky to win this game as an assassination attempt on Vlad failed.  Surprisingly, both had healthy Death Clocks with the it clocking out at 18mins and 12mins remaining. 

It's great to finally get some regular games of WarmaHordes is. It's the game I love and unlike other games, I feel like I'm tactically rewarded throughout the game.

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