Sunday, 14 June 2015

Little_Lano Plays: 35pts Warmachine/Hordes, The Charge of the BaconBrigade

Another battle report time! 
Over at Riotville, the other side to the report is there. 
We have a 35pts game with Lord Carver, Bringer of Most Massive Destruction, Equire III leading the charge against Ashlyne of the Resistance!

Both sides line up on the table staring each other down. As always with turn one, everything runs to engage.

My army consists of few infantry and what I do have are quite elite. So I run both my WarHogs out in front to soak the damage as they sit on ARM21 with Batten Down The Hatches. 

On Ashlyns second turn, the feat is popped and income the hail of criticals! Unfortunately for Riot, the dice aren't being good and with 5 dice criticals aren't coming his way. The WarHogs whether the storm with taking bits of damage but nothing serious.

The Risen run to engage in an attempt to hold my army up.

Riot though has forgotten the tricks available to him. I use the Trample power attack and plough through the Risen. It's taken a few fury but I'm slowly making my way towards the human front line!

One WarHog nearly makes it to the mules. Although I'm dreading the critical hits coming and throwing me back to start again, but Riot, in my opinion, makes the wrong decision and charges his WarJacks in!

Meanwhile, Gorman, runs rounds and Black Oils a bunch of pigs. My god, I hate this guy so much...

Meanwhile, the first Mule swings away and at -6 on damage, riot rolls miserably!

The other WarJack charges in and his damage rolls, while decent, don't do any significant damage.  The rage is true within Riot tonight... His dice are failing!

The WarHogs move up under Carvers feat and really lay the hurt, with the Slaughter Housers mopping up afterwards. 

On the right hand side, the Bucaneer under Raluk holds up some straggling Risen while slowly making his way towards the Mages. His reach weapon makes it easier to tie people up in combat.

The Devil Dogs are Riots favourite unit. And knowing about my Berserk Pig Maximus is chasing the around the board, Riot sends them around the flanks to try get an advantageous angle. 
After playing kiss chase, Maximus finally catches them.
I can imagine them shouting, "Shit! throw a net at it!!"

After killing half the unit, the rest of the Devil Dogs decide to charge in. Dice aren't in his favour and Max survives to berserk through the rest. He's not done so bad for his first outing!

Meanwhile, after the Mules were taken care of, a WarHog Tramples over some mages again to get close to Ashlyn. 
One fully boosted attack and I manage to dent her despite camping 6 Focus!

As it seems to be the case, Ashlyn resorts to doing the manual labour herself. She ruthlessly hacks away trying to gain some momentum from this battle.

The destroyed WarHog leaves another opening for WarHog number 2 to come crashing through! The battle field is looking sparce with massive casualties either side.

Again, Ashlyn meets her end at the end of another warbeast. It seems she has no luck killing the fleshier side to this game!

Great game around, but one slight mistake from Riot meant he lost a significant part of his army and the momentum switched very quickly.

I've also learnt to always taken expendable infantry, I risked the WarHogs because there wasn't any real trading parts to the army that I was willing to sacrifice and I was fortunate to have come out on top in key exchanges. 


  1. Another kick in the nuts thanks to Warmahordes.

    At least the armies looked the business!

    1. Definitely! I'm working on some more scenic terrain pieces for later battles :)