Sunday, 27 September 2015

FrostGrave Review: First Impressions

Well where to start...

Firstly, I went over the miniatures this morning and had a play around with some PVA and Bakkng Powder for some snow effects.  My largely successful project can be seen throughout this post!

So the first game was a mission where every turn a giant worm can potentially "erupt" from the ground and kill everyone! Which it did...
While reading the scenarios, I saw this and I knew I had the best miniature for this!

And I got this painted along with the Warband in record time!
Nothing special, just a quick wash of multiple colours and a speedy highlight.

Anyway, to the game itself. 
Being a long time (eg one year) player of Mordheim, I was really excited for the prospect of a new skirmish game. Having said that, reading through the rules, I was gravely disappointed in the lack of depth in the game.  I'm used to Mordheim where you can arm your guys with a myriad  of weapons and where your henchmen can grow in experience and suddenly s/he becomes your most treasured hero! 
Now fast forward to FrostGrave where your Wizard is the only upgradable character and personally, I felt it was a step back for me. Coupled with the lack of weaponry and equipment options, it felt hollow, and where I was accustomed to having a "bond" of some sorts with the individual characters inside my Mordheim Warband, it just didn't feel the same here. 

"My FrostGrave Warband"

Next, a positive, I love the scenarios inside the book. The idea of finding and magic lamp, only for the genie to be a grumpy mofo and start killing everyone! Sounds like my sort of party!
While Mordheim did have scenarios of a sort, I prefer the more story orientated setting within FrostGrave and the random chance of encountering wildlife within the city!

"My Salute 2015 miniature. I've been itching to find a use for him and it seemed fitting to have him flipping off everyone in LoS! I'd like to think his name is Wordsworth, a Ranger disgraced by his rash actions and temper. He was about to be executed for calling his town Mayor 'a Royal C**T' but having been saved by a mysterious folk in weird animal fur coats, he feels obliged to follow them... For the time being!"

To the game mechanics themselves.  They are very rudimentary and liable to extreme dice skews. As in, if you roll 17+ on the dice, it practically going to kill someone in one hit, or deal serious damage,. Personally, I found, whenever I took damage, it was always 8+ at a time, and it is really a game of who can roll the most 17,18,19,20s in a game. 
While I do find it to be very harsh, I love the simplicity and I think that is what is suppose to be highlighted throughout. It is a simple game and maybe at some points they'll introduce more Mordheim like features into the game. 

"Miss Isabel and Turk. A brother and sister combination. While Isabel travelled the land searching for a spell which could help restore her one true love back to her, her younger brother Turk lurked behind her always looking out for suspected danger. Isabel came across our intrepid wizard while travelling toward FrostGrave herself. Having decided that travelling is better as a group, Isabel offered her sword as protection, as so Turk, who blindly followed suit "

While playing the game itself, we spent 30mins before trying to pick out spells for our  wizards. Well that was pointless because all we did was cast Bone Darts back and forth trying to kill each other instead of collecting the treasure!
So for all the thinking and planning, we got hung up on casting the same spell back and forth the whole game!

As much as I love Mordheim, I do believe this is a serious contender. For those who play Mordheim, you'll understand my frustration of the lack of freedom for your Warband but with months to come, that may be implemented.  

"Thug1: *hic* I reckon I can take a skeleton on!
Thug2: You sure mate? You couldn't swing that shit now!"
Thug1: I'll prove *hic* it! Need to find myself an undead monster
Thug:4 well that guy over there said he's looking for people to accompany  him to 

And that's how I ended up with 4 hired thugs...."

Anyway, as with any game, we must let it evolve and establish itself in amongst its rivals. 
Personally, I'll be very happy to stick with FrostGrave, the games are short and  is very open to modification. I reckon with some time, the supplements will turn this into more rewarding and core game system. Now, time for me to find/buy loads of miniatures for my "random encounters"

Good luck with your painting!!

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