Monday, 28 September 2015

Essex Legion Opening Night! WarmaPorn 50pts

So after a month of planning, and loads of last minute action, EssexLegion gaming club is open! 
You can find the link here to the website,
And our forum is here

Anyway, to the matter at hand. Being a new club, I was introduced to a new WarmaHorde player by the name of Ian.
And as always, I was keen to get my claws into some action. 
Unfortunately for me, he plays Cryx...
Double unfortunately, he plays Incorporeal Cryx...

Sigh... My Farrow Army are not going to enjoy this day.

After the first turn of running, the board looks suitably populated. My warlock of choice was Carver and I was really scratching my head as to a way deal with the ghosts to the left and the massive Wraith Engine that was steering me in the face. Farrow, have limited options to battle incorporeal, as magical weapons aren't something we are entitled too!

My one Magical Weapon in the form of Maximus is easily sniped out by a roaming Pistol Wraith... This game just got a lot harder...

But it's hard to be upset when the miniature looks as wonderful as it does here!

After a hail of Corrosive Acid through an arc node, the brigands look worse for wear and Raluk has to get stuck in along with his Buccaneer buddy. The endless waves of MechaniThralls and Brutes mean I will lose this flank in a turn or two. 

At this point the game gets intense, as a moment of brilliance from the Road Hog sets Denegrah on fire and leaves her on 2HP.
Carver previously had to pop feat and single handedly took out DeathJack who, the turn before, flapped aimlessly at my Roadhog. 

My last hope was Denny burning out, but in due fashion, she managed to extinguish the fire and live another day, maybe Carver can survive a turn and have a round two against her?
But alas, it was not meant to be, having used most of his fury to remove DeathJack, he was brought down by the WraithEngine   

In the end, I was up against it. But that last ditched glimmer of hope was so cruelly taken away! Major props to my opponent Ian. It's good to find others who take effort to field nice looking armies and his brush work is superb!

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  1. That is proper warmaporn!

    He also walloped me ;0(