Friday, 9 October 2015

University Lectures... Perfect time to Blog!! (Or was at the time!)

Nothing much blogged, to be honest, realised that my 3 hour lectures are perfect for blogging!! (I actually did write this in my lecture hall but it didn't upload till I got home) *sad face*
Unfortunately, I don't have many photo on my phone. 

The only thing I have to write about is the FrostGrave demo I ran last weekend! And a chance to show off my newly painted Weeping Angels from Reaper Miniature!

"Easy enough game, it's quick, fast paced, and a nice alternative to Mordheim. "

One of the opinions I got from a new face at Essex Legion last weekend.
It was quite refreshing to get an alternative view of the game!  It's remarkable how many people likened it to Mordheim!

I apologise for the lack of photos. But now I know, I'll prepare some blogging material for my useless lectures!

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