Sunday, 18 October 2015

Essex Legion goes Orktober!

So, what do you get if you mix Orks, Warhammer 40k, Mad Max and a lot of Dakka? Deathrace40k of course!!

The guys over at Essex Legion were kind enough to build us some GorkaMorka type terrain and we had to oblige by christening it to some unadulterated Dakka!

The wealth of vehicles on display this evening was great. Many of our gamers turned up with weird and wacky and colourful vehicles! And in suitable fashion, many were blown up and destroyed!

Some of the highlights from the evening was the DeathRollers chasing down the Pork and Ork Boyz, while there was a four car pile up over the ramp which started with one suitably Dakka vehicle failing to make the jump!

It seems like most people from the club enjoyed themselves this evening. Some great memories were made of vehicles being smashed into buildings and some dubious Pit Stop alliances being made, but that's all game in the Toothy world of Ork Racing!

One vehicle of some special notice was Denim's Death Rolling nutcase vehicle! There was some great rusting of the metals painted on and had a suitable bashed up feel!

We also had a great Battle Wagon entrant from one of our resident Ork player Andy! Seems like Blue has taken over from the usual Red?!

And also, this wouldn't be all things Orky if Riotville hadn't turned up for an appearance!

I'd also like to give considerable mention to the lads/ladies at BOYL2015, and their old hammer forums. Riot had pointed me into the direction of the DeathRace Rules on the forum and I'd seen his account of the game. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to adapt the rules for our game!!

As always, Essex Legion is a gaming club in Hornchurch Essex, open every Sunday 5-10pm.
Please find us on Facebook and hopefully we'll see you there one day!

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