Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Additions to the Essex Legion Bestiary! And a Gorka Morka update

Another night, more miniatures painted for  the lead pile... this time, it's a few more beasts for the FrostGrave campaign/demo games.  
Even though we have loads going on at the Legion in the coming months, and I don't think a FrostGrave campaign will be coming any time soon, I think it's necessary to have a stock of random monster miniatures that can be used in various games, so it doesn't help to get these done!

I've also started to make progress on my vehicle for the Gorka Morka race this coming Sunday... to signify the importance of ORKTOBER!

First up, is a normal zombie.  My personal Wizard for FrostGrave works on being able to summon loads of extra guys to the field, so I have Zombies, Animals and Demons at my disposal! This zombie is from the GW WH Fantasy range and was found lurking in a box of random plastic!  I think I've been in this hobby too long if I'm finding random miniatures in god forsaken boxes!

In the top right is my version of an Imp.  A Bones miniature I picked up from Carlos, I thought a little Fly-Man would accurately represent an easy to kill (swat) demon.  I'm afraid to say, that the time spent painting these guys was minimal, but they won't see too much play time in future.

Lastly, in the bottom right, is a sneak peak at my vehicle for Gorka Morka... More to come on that
*wink wink*

As an added bonus, I had Cujo sitting in a box.  Being from Wyrd Miniatures and their Malifaux range, you can't fault the design and i picked this up as an impulse buy many many moons ago.  If i remember, he was suppose to be a big guy for my Monkey BloodBowl team (no racism involved) but that project got sidelined when I decided to build my Blood Bowl pitch!
Any way, advance to today, and he's a FrostGrave Winter Gorilla / Bear Proxy.  I just wanted this guy in my WarBand... so he's a bear... a weird looking bear by that!

Any way, this Blog comes to you from inside my Econometrics Seminar, so be glad knowing your hard earned tax money is being used wisely!!

Regards, A Lazy Student.


  1. Gorka morka race?


    What time?

    1. 5pm onwards, we are looking to get a couple of races in!