Saturday, 10 October 2015

FrostGrave: The Bestiary expands

So having run a few demos of FrostGrave, I've managed to gain some support from local gaming clubs to help build a suitable bestiary for an upcoming campaign.

And after digging around for ages trying to find suitable miniatures for the plethora of animals needed, I came to the conclusion, I'm going to have to get some from Carlos...

And for those of you who've followed from the beginning, Carlos is the ex boss of a gaming store I helped run... Let's leave that at that!

To my surprise, the miniatures came on time! And having decided to take a break from the amount of commission work I have, I thought I'd paint something fresh and new!

Firstly, a Reaper Genie. For one of the campaign missions, there is a hunt for a mysterious lamp which is said to house a powerful Genie. Unfortunately, this isn't some Disney Alladin story, and such genie isn't happy about being woken up!
Although I do imagine him to have a Robin Williams style voice. 

Also up is some "Statues" for the Living Museum mission. Unfortunately I could only get 4, and I think they look awesome! Some Whovians out there might rejoice and I've thoroughly loved playing the missions trying to put run these Weeping Angels!

That isn't the only stuff I've managed to to aquire. I did get some skeletons and miscellaneous smaller monsters to fill in gaps in general games, eg for the wondering monster random events. In due time these will be painted!

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