Friday, 25 September 2015

Jumping Onto the FrostGrave band wagon!

So, with the whole hype about FrostGrave going around, i visited the dreaded Dark Sphere and grabbed some cheap cobblestone bases and a wizard or two, I had to check this game out.  And with an enormous stroke of luck, i spoke to a fellow gamer about potentially playing it tonight, that left me 7 hours to build, paint, and field a small war band...

Challenge accepted and complete! 

So having read the rule book 24 hours previously, and picked up their Witch Sorceror and Apprentice blister pack, I went and chose the Summoner School of Magic... I know, makes sense, but eh, the Witch's school of magic wasn't much my cup of tea. 

 Having said that, the *official* miniatures themselves aren't bad, typical metal castings which means they are a doddle to paint. With all the fur, washes and dry brushes were all these guys were going to get!

Next were my specialists, I optited for a Ranger as I had the Salute 2015 model still sitting in a bag somewhere and I knew he would be perfect for the role, him with his two finger F**K U gesture needed to be fielded at some point!

Accompanying him, is a Knight.  Yet again, another miniature from the abundance of metal and lead manages to find some paint.  This time, it's the first ever miniature I bought from the long deceased Miniature Empire Gaming Store. Although she is an elven warrior, I don't think she'll struggle to find a place in this war band. 

The miniature in the middle is a Reaper Miniature Assassin, which il use as a lowly thief.  Another model from the days of Miniature Empire, I had envisioned him as an Altair from Assasin Creed but what self respecting thief or Assasin dresses in bright white clothing?

Lastly is my band of 4 Thugs. While cheap and cheerful, they can lay out the funk when needed. Nothing special here either, they were spare Viking miniatures from Wargames Factory left over from Salute 2015. Great thing about the kit was the multi parts and I only needed one hand weapon per model. 

The bases themselves were from Micro Arts, a polish company, and were perfect for the streets of FrostGrave. I will at some point, at by some point I mean tomorrow, paste some water effect around the guttering and apply some snow effects on the bases. 

So, here's to the first game of FrostGrave!
Actually, by the time I'm writing this I have already played it, and I'm on the way home to go to bed, so will write up my thoughts on the game tomorrow.

Starting Warband

Wizard of the School of Summoning (0gc)
Apprentice (200gc)
Knight (100gc)
Thief (20gc)
Thug (20gc)
Thug (20gc)
Thug (20gc)
Thug (20gc)

Total= 500gc


  1. Really nicely done! And doubly impressive for the turnaround time.

    1. Much appreciated!

      Gave them some more love today with some snowy basing!