Saturday, 25 October 2014

Little_Lano Talks About: Painting On The Go

I've had to visit my girlfriend tonight so I decided to try paint something while I was there, which lead me to the decision... Which paints do I carry!?

I thought out a basic plan for my models, then realising I need 3/4 shades of the colours for shading, then highlights and washes.  So my thinking of taking a handful of paints turned into this...

About 25 pots of paint for a simple scheme. 

So this raises the question, what colours would you take, and do you really need that many colours to choose from?

Because I know that I found it incredibly difficult to only have a few colours to paint from! Knowing there's 7 shades of red for me to progress through is strangely reassuring. 

Anyway, just a quick one then. 
As they thought, Food for Thought.

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