Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Little_Lano Plays: WarmaHordes 20pts, Lano (Everblight) vs Riot(Mercenaries)

Welcome ladies and gentle! Today we have a great game lined up.

Since I finished University fairly early, I decided to call up Riot from a another blog. Il link it down below somewhere. 

A quick game, 20pts. I tried something completely new, using units and models I normally never would. 

My list is below...
Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (-6pts)
Afflictor Light Warbeast (4pts)
Shredder Lesser Warbeast (2pts)
Min Blighted Nyss Swordsmen (5pts)
Max Spawning Vessel (3pts)
Max Grotesques (6pts)
5 Incubi (5pts)

Now looking back... I realised I'm one point down! So I would have added a Shephard in but eh, mistake are mistakes.
Now the mission is Supply and Demand, consisting of,
(-) Enemy/Friendly Objectives. 1pt if enemy objective is destroyed. Models starting within 4" of an uncontested friendly objective may charge or run for free.

(-) Central Zone.  1pts for Control, 2pts for Dominate. 

Below is the deployment.
Going into this game, I knew I wouldn't be able to get a Caster Kill. I simply didn't have enough hard hitters to deal with heavy stuff specially the Nomad. The best chance I had was to hold objects and systematically use my Swordsmen to hit a single target at a time while shielding them from the gunners. Secondly, il try to get a Caster kill if the opportunity arose. The only way of doing that was to put something so juicy in front of Magnus that it will force him out and spend his Focus. Meaning potentially putting Lylyth just within his ranged threat range or leaving a nice blob of infantry.
Now this is the first time I have taken a list without a heavy war beast. Which is very rare for Hordes armies.  My plan is for the grotesques to fly forward and hold up the enemy, while feeding my spawning vessel as I advance, and then lastly, have my Swordsmen hit anything  on the counter charge. Meanwhile, when an opportunity arises, I have 5 Incubi ready to spring up and cause an annoyance and maybe stop shooting and get a few sneaky back strikes in. 
I'm planning on sending the Afflictor and Shredder into the Long Gunners with Lylyth providing the support. 

Fast forward a few turns and here we land. I go first and with all warmachine and Hordes games, I run everything forward, getting into position. Now I realise I have to play smart, shield the spawning vessel since the shredders that come out will be my transfer targets since I plan on using Lylyth very aggressively along with the Warbeasts. Meaning I'm expecting the Warbeasts to take damage which concludes to me not being to transfer as much damage to her as id like. 

As I start to play Lylyth aggressively, Riot makes some aggressive plays of his own! He sends both of his Renegades out and on the first blast, he rolls triple sixes to hit with the Obliterator! AFTER he rolls 6,5,5 for damage... Needless to say, that was a transfer... Using my one and only transfer! 
So being knocked down... The SECOND Renegade waltz up and let's fly with his one. Dealing a massive 12 Damage. Thankfully, there isn't anything else left to shoot as the Long Gunners had used there shots to clear the chaff in front. Mind you, Riot has also forgotten to double shoot, that may have altered the result!

On the other flank, Riot's Nomad charged a handful of Grotesques.  Needless to say, they died easily, but they did fill my Spawning Vassel and prevented any damage towards the Swordsmen.  During my next turn, my Swordsmen, Grotesques, an Incubi and a Shredder worked together to deal with the massive clump of metal. It turns out, two of the Swordsmen weren't needed as the first Swodrsmen dealt a whopping 12 damage at a -6 modifier. Reducing that 'Jack to a pile if scrap.

Still reeling from the Obliterator shot, Lylyth shields herself from the ensuing onslaught. Who says a pair of tits can't help you! 

I didn't get a photo... But Magnus came with a boosted shotgun shot and missed by 1! Left with no Focus... He popped his feat, he brought his renegades in front, in an attempt to stop me from getting the last 2 control points needed to secure a scenario victory. 

Unfortunately, Lylyth took this opportunity  sensing that Magnus was at his weakest, she cut herself to gain the last two fury needed, leaving her on one HP.

Thankfully, Riot used Magnus to try eliminate Lylyth.  So it was Lylyth's turn. Moved around the side, popped her feat, giving her an additional dice to hit, boosted damage, buy another shot, boosted to hit, boosted damage. Game over.

Great game full of high dice rolls. There was some hairy moments, Lylyth walking around on 3 HP and the Gunners chasing her down. 
But, none the less, closest game I've had in a while!!

Lessons Learnt
(1) be careful of incoming fire. I left Lylyth very low on Fury and nearly got punished. 
(2) Grotesques and Legionnaires are great for tar pits. I should use them more often.
(3) don't underestimate infantry, all it takes is one nice dice roll and it can all go Pete Tong

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  1. Cracking battle.

    Loved it from top to bottom.

    I'll get yer one day!