Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Little_Lano Talks About: Starting A Fresh

Ladies, Gentlemen, It is me, and i have thought that it was time for a change!

For now, the Miniature Empire has closed, and the boss has fucked off somewhere and not told any of the staff where he has gone.

May I say, what a twat.

Anyway, for now I am no longer associated with "Miniature Empire".

Hence, I will start a fresh from here on out.

So, instead of being "Miniature Empire", my name is Delano.  Commonly known as "Lano" to most.
I am 21, a Student in London and have been gaming for around 8 years now.  I did have a hiatus in the middle but i am firmly in the grips of everything table top now!

If you were interested in anything to do with the Miniature Empire or any of the other blogs...
Please click HERE

Anyway, for now, I hope you'll visit very soon.

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