Monday, 27 October 2014

Little_Lano Talks About: Journeyman League Thornfall Alliance 15pts

Hello!!  Welcome back!!
So last time we spoke of the Thornfall Battle box with Carver, 1 Warhog and the 2 Gunboars.
Now, we speak about the next step.  15pts.
Now Thornfall, unlike every other faction, lacks the variety for us to choose from.
If you chose to go for Carver's Golden Horde, you'd have even less to choose from!

So what should you go for?  Let's see.

Farrow Bone Grinders.

 Now, coming in at 3pts for a maximum size unit, these would be my go to unit for 15pts JML.  Now they aren't THE most amazing models in army, but they have a lot of uses.
Firstly, they have access to a magical attack.  But, it's only one, and for every other grunt B2B with the leader its a cumulative +1 to hit, which makes your one shot leader hitting with Magic Ability 11!  So he's pretty sure to hit.  
The other side to this unit is there Bone Magic.  When a friendly warbeast dies, they are able to cast that animus as a spell.  this is incredibly useful for when your Warhog dies and you really need that situational Massacre animus.

Razorback Crew
Now this is the other viable option, coming in with a POW15 range 14 rocket.  Being Light Artillery, they obviously have a few limitations.  First of all, it move or fire, meaning you need to get into position fairly early.  Also, they are only one wounded models, so any sniper like Kell Bailoch or eiryss will range with you and snipe you quicker than a black man shoplifting from a Chicken shop.

In my JML i actually did go with the Razorback, simply because i had an awesome proxy which is below.  Check out the other blog which i've linked into the first post.

Now there are other models which you can take, like Saxton Orrick or Victor Pendrake.  Now these are great, but they are not able to be taken in the Golden Horde Tier lost and that should be your goal towards week 6 in JML.

So obviously, I went with Thornafall Battle box which consists of...
Lord Carver, The Bringer of Most Massive Destruction, Esquire III (-6pts)
Warhog 8pts
Gunboar 5pts
Gunboar 5pts

And with 15pts JML that brings in
 Razorback Crew 3pts

Thanks guys for popping in, and soon i'll show you what i am personally taking for 25 pts.

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